Holy Season of Lent

Happy President’s Day weekend!

We have begun the holy season of Lent. It’s time to slow down and take these 40 days to pray, fast and give. Some suggestions to practice a holy Lent may include, setting aside 10 minutes a day for silent prayer or meditation. It will revitalize your body and your spirit! Try to be extra kind to others. Clean out the cupboards, or have your children shop for can goods to bring to the local food bank, which by the way, the Lincoln Food Bank is in desperate need for items to restock shelves! Pray together as a family or find a friend to join you in prayer. Have the kids light a candle in church for people throughout the world who are sick or hungry. Let each family member mention one person or problem that they would like to pray for in a special way at dinnertime. I’m sure there are countless ideas and opportunities you can come up with to help you experience a holy Lent.

Pope Francis has accepted our Auxiliary Bishop’s retirement papers. At age 75, all Bishops must submit retirement forms to the Vatican. Well, our Auxiliary Bishop, Frank Christian, is officially retired. He will however, remain as Pastor of The Resurrection Parish in Nashua, as well as, assist our Ordinary Bishop, Peter Libasci with Confirmation liturgies throughout the Diocese (entire state of NH). You may notice I will not mention “Bishop Frank’s” name during the Mass at the time when we pray for the Pope and the Bishop(s).

Please buy your tickets after Mass for the annual Parish St. Patrick’s Dinner celebration. Limited number of seats, so please don’t wait to purchase your tickets. We may not sell tickets at the door either. The food is so good, that the event’s reputation usually sells out completely. The food will be served buffet style. The menu will feature: Irish soda bread, Corned Beef Cabbage dinner, Shepherd’s Pie, Mac’n Cheese, dessert, and coffee. $12 Adult, $5 kids. Music, fun and entertainment included.

If you have your Capital Campaign pledge card, please fill them out and deposit them in any collection basket during Mass or drop them off at the office. Thank you. If you have any concerns/questions please feel free to see me!

May God continue to bless our Parish here in the White Mountains!