Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

What a joyous time!

Congratulations and Welcome to Nick Fair who entered the Church this Easter Vigil through Baptism.
Thank you to all who attended the Sacred Triduum or part of it. There is so much to be thankful for in the parish.
To the hundreds of volunteers, who work tirelessly to make the parish run efficiently and well, I “thank you”.
1. There are those who greet people before each Mass, welcoming those who enter church, with a smile and a bulletin.
2. Those who count the money from the collection bags each week. They painstakingly unfold all the bills that come in folded up a zillion times and they add up all the coins into rolls. Big job!
3. Those who pray during Adoration every Wednesday for an hour. I know, they pray for themselves, but, by them being present, it allows the Eucharistic Lord to shed His Graces upon us all.
4. Those who serve on Parish Council, Finance Council, Event Dinner Committees and the like, each doing the job of planning, steering, budgeting, directing, you name it!
5. The Liturgical helpers: the E.M.’s, the Altar Servers, the Lectors, the Sacristans, all making sure the Liturgy here is tops.
6. The Choir members who share their talented voices for others to give God praise twice!
7. Those who joined the new parish Knights of Columbus Council. Their many projects allowed them to give very generous support and money to the Disabled Sports at Loon, The Haven Pregnancy Center, host the Red Cross here every month and a half, offer fellowship and coffee & doughnuts after every 10am Mass.
8. Those who help decorate the church, those who carry candle boxes up the stairs when the truck delivers them, those individuals who are always willing to lend a hand where work is needed to be done around the parish.
9.Those who stepped up and helped with the parish Capital Campaign on various committees.
10.Those who look after the parish grounds beautifying the parking lot with flowers during the warm weather.
11.Those who made a pledge of support to the parish in the Capital Campaign, making sure we are financially sound for future generations.
12.Those who teach others in the Faith Formation here in the parish. Educating and helping the young come to know Jesus through their dedicated service.
13.Those who have done their volunteering years ago and now enjoy letting others “step-up”, thank you for your past service!
14.And to all the others who I am sure I have forgotten to mention and will kick myself later when I do remember…
To all of you… Thank You for making St. Joseph’s Parish here in the White Mountains a community of believers who share the Love of God with neighbor and visitor alike; centered in the living presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.

On behalf of the staff and myself, we wish you and your family a Blessed and Happy Easter!
He Is Risen! Rejoice! Alleluia!
Fr. Kneeland