Happy Spring


Many Graveside Committal Services have been taking place recently at the local cemeteries. Now that the earth has thawed, many loved ones who died during the winter, are now finally being interred in the ground. It is a sad time for many families; re-opening the wound of grieving. Yet, it strikes me how, during this time of burying the dead, nature is coming alive with Spring activity: warmer temperatures, sun shining brightly, birds chirping, tree buds erupting, blades of grass emerging, bees buzzing, and flowers blooming. Nature seems to be reminding us there is something more. That death is only the doorway to Life Eternal, the Spring time of Hope, in Christ Jesus. The sadness of Good Friday, gives way, to the joy of Easter Sunday. After a brutally cold winter season, Spring is revealing to us that better days are coming; that, as we burry in Christ, New Life, New Beginnings are occurring.

May God continue to bless us, as we pray for one another, forgive each other daily, and spread the Good News to everyone! This will please our Heavenly Father.

Happy Spring!

Fr. Kneeland