Adult Formation Session


We will be beginning an eight session video study on “Prayer.” Fr. Mark Toups will guide us through the simple, yet profound steps to an effective and fruitful prayer life. The program boasts: You will discover how God speaks to you, even in the smallest encounters. Following the Tradition of the Catholic Church and the wisdom of the saints, you will learn how to express yourself to God in prayer, and how to hear his voice. We will meet on Tuesdays & Thursdays for an hour starting at 6PM. Coffee, fruit salad from Smiley’s, and snacks will be provided. It is free, so please join us and bring a friend. We will meet in the “chapel/meeting” room in the church next to the church hall. It will be interesting and informative.

Bear, my dog and parish mascot, turned 8 years old this past 4th of July. It’s amazing that for a dog born on Independence Day, just isn’t keen on fireworks going off! Oh well…

Some exciting news, a monstrance blessed by the late St. Pope John Paul II, will be visiting our parish on July 18th (not this Wednesday, next). The Monstrance is the name of the liturgical metal stand which houses the Blessed Sacrament during Adoration. We will use this specially blessed Monstrance during our regular Wednesday Adoration from 9AM until Benediction at 7:45PM. So please mark your calendars and stop by anytime during the day to visit the Lord.

Have a Blessed Summer!
May God continue to bless our parish community here in the White Mountains!

Fr. Kneeland