Capital Campaign Update


Our insightful Video Series titled Oremus is underway. Come join us for an hour, this Tuesday, July 17th @ 6PM. The program says: “This powerful study will give participants the instruction, guidance and encouragement they need to develop an effective and fruitful prayer life.” It’s free, and coffee & refreshments are included.

A Big “thank you” goes out to all the members of both, the Parish Pastoral Council and the Parish Finance Council. The Parish Pastoral Council has been working diligently on various parish projects as well as making decisions that will steer the parish into a bright future. The Parish Finance Council just completed this year’s fiscal budget, finding ways to keep us in the black. These industrious members who volunteer their time, energy, brains, and talents, deserve great praise!

You will notice a “Survey Form” in the pews asking you to join a new program in the parish. We are asking for volunteers to join a team of helpers who will meet once a month to tackle various “clean-up”, “upkeep” and/or “organizational” projects around the church. Please fill out the survey form and pass it into the collection basket. All input is welcomed!

We welcome Richie and Rachel our Capital Campaign consultants from Kirby-Smith back with us this weekend. They will give us an update on our Capital Campaign, and after each Mass, be available to answer any questions you may have. They are also able to assist you in setting up your Capital Campaign pledge contribution, and/or weekly stewardship offering electronically on the computer. As I mentioned last weekend, there is also an option to give through your credit card, which I prefer, because I also gain points on my card. Please see Richie or Rachel after Mass.

May God continue to bless us, and our parish community here in the White Mountains!

Fr. Kneeland