Merry Christmas


Thank you to everyone who made the Parish Christmas Fair/Festival Dinner a big success! Especially Paula King, our Chairperson! Thank You to the Chefs David & Patty Paradis, who prepared and cooked a delicious roast beef dinner for over a 100 people (sold out event, 120 tickets/seats sold)! Their helpers: Johnny & Lorraine Logiudice, who have no more knuckles from peeling vegetables! Haha! Marty Nastasia and Lee Latham who washed all those dishes! Along with the pots and pans and dishpan hands! And Doug Sweeney who helped dry. The smiling food servers: Patty Paradis, Lorraine Logiudice , Denise Rush… the Bake Sale organizers: Cecile Eisenhauer and Betty Webster. Peter Eisenhauer who advertised the event by putting posters everywhere, and handled the 50/50 raffle! Peggy & Fred Mehrmann who helped with decorations, and planned the hall logistics. Thank You to the parents and kids of Faith Formation & Matt Wright in helping to decorate the hall. Thank You to the music singers, Margaret Sweeney, Claire & Colin McIver and Vicky Etchings. Thank You to Nancy Bujeaud who handled all the money, we called her affectionately, Ms. Money Bags! Stuart & Annie Anderson, Millie Berry and Delia Sullivan for chipping in where needed and in helping the cleaning crew. Thank You to all who donated delicious baked goods, and gave nice items for the raffle drawings…and lastly, to Santa too (who told those on the “Naughty” list, that there’s always time for improvement)!
Thank you to those who helped with the Parish Big Raffle! Especially the Chairpersons: Eddie Rush and Marty Nastasia! Paula & Bart King for supplying the tickets. Helpers who sold the tickets: Eddie & Denise Rush, Marty Nastasia, Nancy Sweeney, Gloria Morin, Warren & Pat Bahr, Maria Schirduan, Nancy Bujeaud, Annie & Stuart Anderson, Paula King, Betty Webster and Delia Sullivan. Thank You also to all who purchased a ticket!

I hope I didn’t forget anyone. I know many of you who are mentioned did more than one task. Thank You to all who served on the Christmas Planning Committee! What a success at making the parish flourish in love and fellowship! May God bless you all abundantly!
Thank You to all who donated toward this year’s Giving Tree, helping local families in need through the Rotary Club. And Thank You to all who donated food for the local Food Pantry, and the Knights for matching donations through their 12 Days Program!

Check out our Capital Campaign/ Faith Raising Mountain located near the poor box in the church, and see the new “Christmas boots” trekking up the mountain, showing our progress. Also see Santa and his Reindeer “flying” across the sky over the mountain! The campaign is going strong! If you haven’t pledged, please consider making a pledge. If you pledged, but haven’t begun, please contact the office and we will help you set it up! Thank You to everyone who has stretched and is making this Parish Faith Raising drive a success!

This week we celebrate the greatest gift we could ever receive, Jesus Christ, the Son of God. May we always remember in our celebrations, that Jesus is the Reason for the Season! Take time to pray and give thanks for all the blessings in life, especially the gift of Faith!

On behalf of the office staff, the Parish Council, the Finance Council, myself, we wish you and your family a blessed and joyful Christmas Season.

Fr. Kneeland