Ash Wednesday


I want to warn you about an e-mail scam going around, in the Diocese. Scammers will e-mail unsuspecting parishioners, using the Priest’s name and photo requesting you to purchase gift cards, i-tunes, etc…and for you to then, give them the code on the back of the card(s). They then use the card(s), rendering them penny-less, and you thinking you’ve done a good deed by helping the Priest. Please don’t fall for this scam! I will not send you any e-mails asking you for money, gift cards or i-tune cards, etc. If you have any doubts of an e-mail sent to you from me or the parish office, please call the office to verify.

We are putting together an entertaining St. Patrick’s Dinner celebration on Saturday, March 16th in the parish hall. We hope to attain Irish Step- Dancers, a D.J., O’Rosier the Accordionist, Games, Raffles, Dancing and Laughs; along with a delicious Irish Dinner with all the fixings. Please mark your calendars, and purchase your tickets early, either after Mass or stop by the office…this event sells out every year!

This week begins Lent with Ash Wednesday. Be sure to receive the blessed Ashes. On that day, pick up your free copy of the book: Into His Likeness by Dr. Edward Sri, for your Lenten read and enrichment.
I wished to have a pamphlet for you too, but it’s back-ordered. I found it to be excellent, it’s titled: Lent, Keep It Simple by OSV. It introduces Lent as a retreat and has a simple plan to make Lent successful; The 1-1-1 plan. It offers three things to do, in addition to the “big three” (increased Fasting, Almsgiving and Prayer). 1. Focus on one fault or sin that needs work. 2. Add a positive activity that will grow your relationship with God, i.e., attend a Mass during the week, or attend the Stations of the Cross on Fridays 3. Deny yourself something you really like or feel attached to, i.e., TV/Internet time, coffee, fast food and instead, put that money in your Rice Bowl for the poor. The 1-1-1 plan…give it a try!

May You have a Blessed Lent,
Fr. Kneeland