St Patrick’s Dinner Celebration


Big “Thank You” to our Knights of Columbus Council, for putting on a delicious Meatball & Pasta Dinner here last Saturday evening. It was a good time! Thank you to Grand Knight David Paradis and his wife Patty, Jack & Maureen Gaites, Eddie & Denise Rush, Millie Berry, and all who helped! It was a great parish event mixed in with the kids in Faith Formation who had a successful “bake sale” too!
Mark your calendars for the parish annual St. Patrick’s Dinner Celebration slated for Saturday, March 16 after the 4:30PM Mass. Get your tickets early, as we tend to sell out! Tickets are on sale after each Mass or stop by the office. They are $12 each and kids age 8 and under are free.

Although we are in the throes of winter, the parish remains very active! Consider escaping cabin fever by attending the video series, The Pivotal Players of the Catholic Church (weather permitting of course!). We will meet this week on Tuesday & Thursday at 6PM until 7:30PM. On Tuesday we will learn about Bl. Card. John Henry Newman and on Thursday, G.K. Chesterton. Bl. Newman has been in the news lately. Pope Francis has approved his Canonization! He will be a Saint as a Roman Catholic Cardinal, scholar, and founder of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri in England. The first miracle attributed to Bl. Newman’s intercession involved the complete and unfathomable healing of a Deacon from a disabling spinal condition. The second miracle attributed to his intercession was the healing of a pregnant American woman. She had prayed for his intercession at the time of a life-threatening diagnosis, and her doctors have been unable to explain how or why she made a sudden and complete recovery. The date of his Canonization hasn’t been announced yet. Bl. John Henry Newman, Pray for Us!

In the news recently, I was saddened to watch the New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Catholic, sign into law, the Reproductive Health Act. Among other provisions, the NY law permits abortions with few restrictions throughout all nine months of pregnancy. Where a child in nine months of gestation, can have his/her brain sucked up a vacuum tube device killing him/her. As this is bad enough, but most disconcerting was the fact that, after signing this disturbing bill into law, Gov. Cuomo and everyone with him, cheered and applauded with enthusiasm and delight. While this was taking place, a politician from Virginia spoke that infanticide is okay, and should be legalized. Good grief. Extremely sickening. Holy Innocents, Pray for Us! Sorrowful Mother, Pray for Us! God, the Holy Spirit, Giver of Life, Have Mercy on Us!

Fr. Kneeland