Happy Highland Games Weekend

ithe barrachd taigeis. This translated reads: “eat more haggis!”

The Highland Games are upon us and I hope you get to enjoy some of the Scottish festivities at Loon or around town. I always do!

The Parish Knitters Club donated a boxful of mittens, hats, & scarfs to the Religious Sisters in Kentucky whom we supported as our annual Mission Appeal. If you recall, the Sisters couldn’t be with us, because they couldn’t afford the plane fare. Well they certainly appreciated the donation from the parish Knitters Club. The Sisters care for the poorest of people living in the Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky. If you would like to “knit for a cause”, or learn how, and join the team, please contact Mary Aranyosi @ (603) 374-3589 or maryanranyosi@gmail.com

Check out our Parish Capital Campaign Mountain, located inside the church near the poor box. The little boots are trekking higher and closer to our goal! And more of the footprints changed color, from white (pledged/promised income) to yellow (actual income). We are doing well! Thank you to all who filled out a pledge card. In the near future we will have a recognition wall-plaque , with levels representing those who support us. More to come!

Our new Parish “Cleaning Crew” group (waiting on an official name for us) met and concluded that our first “fix-it” project will be, painting the conference room. Saturday, October 6th, we (and anyone else who would like to help out) will meet at 9:30am to paint (we have 2 enthusiastic members willing to paint) the conference room downstairs. We need others to clean, and organize the room as well as, some will begin to tackle the two kitchens. Please lend a hand from 9:30am until 1:30pm.
Fr. Pat, from La Salette Shrine, will be celebrating a Healing Mass and Concert here at the Parish Sunday, October 21st at 2:00pm. Please spread the word! We are fortunate to have him come!

Gu bheil Dia a ‘beannachadh ar paraiste Caitligeach beag an seo anns na Beanntan Geal. This reads: “May God continue to bless our little Catholic Parish here in the White Mountains” (At least I hope, that’s what it says! LOL)
Fr. Kneeland

New Academic Year for Faith Formation


This Sunday after the 10am Mass, please join Ms. Paula King, Ms. Annie Anderson, and all the children with their families to celebrate the beginning of the new academic year and to dedicate a nice water fountain given in the name of the children as a gift to the parish’s garden. The kids worked hard last year selling baked goods to fund their field trip, and with the remainder, they donated this new water fountain. This new academic year is going to be an exciting year, because, most of the kids will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. Bishop Libasci has changed the age of reception of Confirmation to the 3rd Grade in order to “restore, renew and proclaim” the Good News of Jesus Christ. Please pray for the children, their families and the teachers/coordinator of the Religious Ed. program here at St. Joseph’s.

Bishop Robert Barron’s “Pivotal Players” video series presentation on six inspirational Catholic thinkers, who influenced the Church greatly, will be shown here at the parish on Tuesdays & Thursdays. The date isn’t set yet, but stay tuned, I will announce it on weekend Mass announcements. I do want to show a preview “trailer” that highlights this wonderful production and terrific insights from Bishop Barron. I believe it would benefit everyone to watch it!

If you or someone you know, would like to become Catholic, or needs to receive a Sacrament that they are missing, or would simply enjoy learning more about their Catholic Faith, please let me know, the sooner the better. I can discuss with you some options and am willing to work with your schedule. Please e-mail or call the office.

Please check out “the Mountain” located inside the church near the poor box, to see our parish’s Capital Campaign progress. Our little boots are climbing!

I’m happy Autumn is only a week away, but saddened that the clocks will not turn back an hour until November…blah! Haha…

May God continue to bless us and our little church here in the White Mountains!
Fr. Kneeland

Volunteer Projects

This weekend, please welcome Fr. Matt Mason, Vocation Director for the Diocese of Manchester. Fr. Mason will speak at all of the weekend Masses and answer any questions you may have concerning Vocations. The Diocese is very fortunate to have such a terrific priest serve in this capacity. Fr. Mason is a great guy and a good friend. He may disagree with the latter of that statement though…haha! (Joking!)

A big “thank you” to Cindy & Paul Standing and Elaine & Ed Whitlock, who worked tirelessly, in keeping the corner plots in the parking lot, filled with colorful flowers all Summer long! Thank you!

Please join this new group of volunteer parishioners who will take on various projects inside the church that need to be done. We will hold an informative meeting this Thursday, Sept. 13th at 5:30pm for about 30 minutes. We will discuss projects and best time to meet. Please join us! Give the office your name if interested, but cannot come, and I will keep you in the loop!

The Capital Campaign is going strong! If you haven’t done so, please consider making a pledge; investing in the parish’s future. See the pledge cards located in the pews for more information. Thank you to those who already made a donation toward the Capital Campaign. In the near future, we will honor you, by placing your name on a “donor level/tier” “giving tree/plaque” and in the bulletin. We will do this once all the pledge information we received, is entered into the computer. Stay tuned!

May God Bless our little spiritual home here in the White Mountains.

Fr. Kneeland

Happy Labor Day


Happy Labor Day weekend! This usually marks the end of Summer vacations, which also means our towns will be desolate until the Highland Games weekend in a couple of weeks. I hope you were able to find some respite during this long, hot, Summer? I know for me, it’s been a very busy Summer, more so than usual.

If you are interested in learning more about the Catholic Faith, or feel drawn to become Catholic, or a Catholic missing a Sacrament, or anywhere in between this spectrum, please e-mail the office to let me know and I will put together an RCIA program. We would meet on a regular basis discussing the Church, and its teaching, in a casual, fun, informative atmosphere. Serious inquiries only.

A parishioner, Nora is opening her business in a new location, here in Campton, NH and is having an open house next Saturday on the 8th from 4pm-7pm. It’s called “Nora’s Alterations” helping brides-to-be look their best. Many of you know Nora from the 10am after Mass, “coffee & doughnut” hour. Check out the website: www.norasalterations.com/
Best of luck Nora!

The parish Capital Campaign is going strong. “Thank you” to the many parishioners and visitors who contributed to this worthy parish financial campaign. Please consider helping us reach the goal! View the “mountain” next to the poor box in the church to see our progress. May God cast His blessing on our endeavor, and many blessings to you for your generosity.

A few quotes for Labor Day:

“Genius begins great works; Labor alone finishes them.” –Joseph Joubert

“There are some things you learn best in calm and some in storm.” –Willa Cather

“And people should eat and drink and enjoy the fruits of their labor, for these are gifts from God.”
Ecclesiastes 3:13

Have a relaxing Labor day!

Fr. Kneeland

Prayer List Update


At night, there are bats flying around inside the Rectory and black bears roaming the neighborhood. It’s not safe inside or out! LOL.
I encountered two bats in the house recently. Thank You to Jan Wolowski, who scooped one bat up using a dust pan and placed it outside. The second bat came a week later and eventually flew out the front door. I captured this event on camera, and you can see it on my Facebook page. You can also watch a video of a big black bear sniffing around my porch. It’s been an active Summer with wildlife around here!

Last week, we stuffed 200 bulletins with the Bishop’s letter. But, in the chance you didn’t receive one, you may find the letter posted on the Diocesan website at: https://www.catholicnh.org/assets/Documents/About/Bishop/PAL-McCarickResponse.pdf

This Saturday is the first day of September and the First Saturday Devotion to Our Lady Mass will be celebrated at 10am. Please join us.

We will be refreshing the list of names of those on the sick list and on the Prayer Line. Please notify the office with the names of those who need to remain on the lists for continued prayers. Also, please pray for those on the lists and contact the office to be an official prayer for those in need. If you do, you will receive current updates through e-mail. Again the names will be removed in a short few weeks, so please let us know if any name needs to remain.

Enjoy the remaining Summer days!
May God bless you!

Fr. Kneeland

Letter from Bishop Libasci


This Sunday, August 19th marks the second year anniversary of the tragic vehicle accident that took the life of fellow parishioner, firefighter, and friend, Stevie Bomba. Words cannot express the pain and sorrow that his passing left on his parents, Steve Sr. & Christine and siblings, the parish family, and the whole community. Two years have gone, and yet, l feel like it was just yesterday. Stevie was a terrific guy and is sorely missed. Please continue to pray for his family & friends as we all try to heal from such a devastating loss. Requiescat in pace Stevie.

A letter from Bishop Libasci is inserted in every bulletin this weekend. Please be sure to read it. The letter addresses the sexual misconduct scandal by Cardinal McCarrick in Washington, D.C. I’m sure you have heard about it in the news. Since the “Priesthood Scandal” of 2001 broke, new policies and procedures were put into practice, in regards to keeping “troubled priests” away from ministry and turned in to authorities. It seems however, that the Bishops were not under the same “policing” policies and procedures, or at least, there was lax judgement, when it came to knowing of then, “Bishop” McCarrik’s devious behavior, and yet, instead of being removed from ministry, he was subsequently promoted to become the Archbishop of Washington, D.C./Cardinal. Bishop Libasci’s letter to brother priests and his letter to everyone is very well written and heartfelt. It strikes the right cord to address the outrage that many of the Faithful have. I will read the letter at each of the Masses this weekend.

The tabernacle key will be kept in a locked lock box in the Sacristy from now on, for added safety of the Blessed Sacrament. All E.M.s who visit the homebound after one of the Weekend/Weekday Masses will receive the Eucharist during the Mass and will be send out with a blessing. This is in keeping with proper understanding that, the shut-in is receiving and sharing in, the greater parish community’s liturgy. This is done throughout the Diocese.

On a lighter note, please see the new posters that adorn our church stairwell depicting the students of the Rel. ed. program and all the activities they performed throughout last year. Hope they are all enjoying a nice Summer break before classes begin again this Fall.

Please notice that the cover of the bulletin under the “St. Joseph Church” title, has added the words: “Serving communities of Lincoln, Woodstock, North Woodstock, Thornton, Campton and beyond.” Hope you all feel included wherever you may be from!

May God continue to bless our little parish community here in the White Mountains!

Fr. Kneeland

Feast of the Immaculate Conception


There’s a great country song from the early 1990’s by Mark Chestnut, called “Too Cold At Home” in which he repeats the words: “it’s too hot to fish, too hot for golf and too cold at home.” Well, I think we can all relate with this heat!  I feel it’s too hot to do anything outside, and although the song suggests that his relationship is too cold to go home, for me, the A.C. in the window makes my room too cold.  Lol. But I shouldn’t complain about the heat after that horribly long cold winter! So enjoy!

We will be finishing up our Faith Formation video series, “Oremus”. It was very informative giving us some useful and practical tools to help us pray as well as introduced us to various ways of praying within the Church. Join us for the final three presentations this Tuesday 6pm until 7pm. Refreshments provided.

In the near future, by popular demand, we will begin a different series from Bishop Robert Barron, called “Mass”. I  know everyone really enjoyed his “Catholicism” series we showed last year, so stay tuned for more details.

Thank you to all who are supporting our Parish Capital Campaign. If you haven’t done so, and would like to, please join us by filling out a pledge card today.  I’m confident the Lord will bless our individual giving, and our parish effort.

The Feast day of the Immaculate Conception is this Wednesday. Masses will be at 8:30am and 6:00pm. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will begin with Exposition at 9am until Benediction at 5:30pm. Stop by during the day to visit with the Lord and perhaps apply some of the prayer techniques we learned from Fr. Mark Toups’ video series. 

Hope you find some relaxation, peace and rest this Summer,

Fr. Kneeland

St Lawrence of Rome Feast Day


My dad stayed with me, up here a couple weeks ago. We had a nice time together, visiting some of my favorite restaurants in the area. We also enjoyed picking blueberries at Windy Ridge Orchard in North Haverhill, NH. I hadn’t been in such a long time. It is certainly a beautiful place! The 25 minute drive through the mountains showed spectacular views. We ate breakfast there (which each entre comes with a homemade apple cider doughnut. Yum!). The Fabrizio family, who own and run the Orchard, are fellow parishioners of St. Joseph’s. We had a wonderful time. If you are looking for something to do, check it out! You won’t be disappointed and tell them “Fr. David” sent ya!

Come to the 10AM Mass and hear the choir sing! They are growing in number and sounding wonderful! After the Mass, come downstairs for Coffee & Doughnuts and fellowship. Members of our Knights Council set everything up for us. Please leave a donation in the basket / container located on the table, to help defray the costs and support the effort. Thank you!

The Church celebrates my favorite Saint, St. Lawrence of Rome, this Friday, August 10th. St. Lawrence was a Deacon and a Martyr. The proceeding was taken from Wikipedia: A famous legend has persisted from ancient times. As deacon in Rome, St Lawrence was responsible for the material goods of the Church and the distribution of alms to the poor.[8] St Ambrose of Milan relates that when the treasures of the Church were demanded of St Lawrence by the Prefect of Rome, he brought forward the poor, to whom he had distributed the treasure as alms.[9] “Behold in these poor persons the treasures which I promised to show you; to which I will add pearls and precious stones, those widows and consecrated virgins, which are the Church’s crown.”[5] The Prefect was so angry that he had a great gridiron prepared with hot coals beneath it, and had Lawrence placed on it, hence St Lawrence’s association with the gridiron. After the martyr had suffered pain for a long time, the legend concludes, he cheerfully declared: “I’m well done on this side. Turn me over!” From this derives his patronage of cooks, chefs, and comedians. What can I say?! The Patron Saint of Food and Laughter, a person after my own heart!

May God continue to bless us and our parish community here in the White Mountains!

Fr. Kneeland

Parish Photo Book Directory


The Parish Pastoral Council is excited to partner with LifeTouch Photography Services, in creating a Parish Photo Book Directory. When completed, every home will be given a free copy. The photo directory will feature us (the parishioners of St. Joseph Church), families, parish life, various events and groups that make up the parish. It will be the “who’s who” book of the year; it will be spectacular! However, you must do your part; by signing up for a timeslot to have your photo taken here in the church hall. The professional photographers will be available only 2 days, Wednesday & Thursday, August 22nd & 23rd . Sign-ups to schedule times will be made available after weekend Masses. It is free. You will receive a free photo for framing along with the completed book. If you so choose, you may purchase other size photos of your liking. Please spread the word, so that, all parishioners may be counted among the parish family directory!

A big “thank you” to Etienne Poirier for securing the new statue of the Blessed Mother inside the grotto, located in the front lawn of the Rectory/Office. (Please see photo).

A big “thank you” to Stewart and Annie Anderson for creating our Parish Capital Campaign Mountain, located near the poor box in the church. It is awesome! (Please see photo). The little boots trekking up the hiking trail show our progress in the Capital Campaign, as we reach toward our goal, the summit of the mountain. So far, we are half way up the mountain with pledges. Thank you to everyone who made a pledge to support the longevity of our parish. If you haven’t done so, please fill out a pledge card located in the pews.

We received a nice “thank you” card from the local Food Pantry for our generous donation we gave from our 2nd collection a few weeks ago. It was very appreciated and needed to fill their shelves.

It was such a blessing to have the Monstrance blessed by Pope Saint John Paul II here last week. Many people stopped in the church on Wednesday Adoration to make a visit. (please see photo).

May God continue to bless us and our parish community here in the White Mountains!

Fr. Kneeland

Climbing Our Mountain


The big beautiful paper mache mountain is up and towering over the poor box in the church. Thanks to the creativity and insight of Eddie & Denise Rush and the engineering and labor of Stewart & Annie Anderson, the mountain will be our guide as we journey through our three year Capital Campaign showing us our progress. As pledges and cash come in, the boots on the mountain will show us roughly where we stand in the process. Currently, the boots are almost midway up the mountain with the boot’s footprints in “white” providing the amount of money pledged so far and the “yellow” footprints furnishing the actual money given and in the bank.
As time goes on, watch for the boots to continue to climb. We are doing well in our Capital Campaign with over $104,000 pledged (of our $250,000 goal) and over $22,000 in the bank. This is still a big mountain to climb, but, as in all things in life, step-by-step, we shall reach the summit, with God’s help!
If you sent in a pledge, thank you. Please remember to begin making your donation either by check or through the online electronic system. If you need help with setting it up, please call the office.

The Parish Council is forming a new group of parishioner volunteers who will meet once a month to take on various cleaning/fixing projects that are needed around the church building. Please consider joining by filling out a survey form located near the bulletins or call the office.

There will be no weekday Masses next week, Tuesday, July 24th through Friday, 27th. I will be away.
Have a Blessed Summer!
Fr. Kneeland