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Pope Saint Paul VI

This Sunday, the Knights are putting on a delicious Breakfast for us.  It will be a served Breakfast Buffet with pancakes, French toast, real maple syrup & Logg Cabin, bacon, sausage, toast, French scrambled eggs (the best I ever had!)…juice, milk, coffee, laughs and fellowship…I bet it will be the best brunch around!  Join us this Sunday, July 21 after the 10:00AM Mass or just come around 10:50AM.  Our Parish Knights Council are putting on this occasion and only ask for a donation of your choosing for the breakfast; there will be a “free-will- giving” basket made available for your convenience.  All proceeds will benefit the good works that our Council does for the community.

You will see an insert in this bulletin about Saint Pope Paul VI.  Please read it.  It is quite interesting and so important to our little church here in the White Mountains, because he offered Holy Mass here back in August 1951!  I would like to see the parish honor this new Saint (Pope Francis canonized St. Pope Paul VI last October) and commemorate his visit, in a notable way.  I’m thinking a statue with candles, or a bronze plaque on the wall explaining the event…whatever way!  For now, I hope to draw attention and support for this cause.  Please read the insert put together by our parishioner, Denise Rush.  A big “thank you” goes out to Denise for doing research and in sharing her gift of writing with us.

Last weekend was extremely difficult for me to inform you that I am leaving the parish, being transferred to St. Lawrence parish in Goffstown, NH come August 7th.  I have been assured that a new Pastor will be installed to take my place in the near future.  We as a parish family have worshipped the Lord together in Love and in Truth.  We have accomplished many things together and shared many memories together.  Change is not easy; at least not for me.  You will forever be in my heart and in my prayers.  I’ll stop typing now…or else I will cry again! LOL!  I just so happen to have a vacation this week in the book, so, there will be no daily Masses here; instead I will be praying and packing.

May God, the source of hope, fill you with all joy and peace by means of your faith in him, so that your hope will continue to grow by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13
Fr. Kneeland :

Knights Sunday Breakfast

Hopefully the Elevator is fixed by the time you read this.  If not, it means we haven’t prayed hard enough.  LOL!   As I mentioned, an electrical surge perhaps from a lightning storm, wiped out the “chips” on the motherboard, and/or the whole panel.  It will be fixed soon.  Unfortunately, our warranty on electrical components expired a year ago.  We will look into getting a surge protector for it.  Apparently, elevator manufacturers think those are optional devices.

Thank you to all who prayed for me through the “Gift of Prayer” begun by the Parish Vocations Committee, led by Lisa Gutro.  I read them all and was really touched.  Thank you.

In the pews you will find, a laminated brochure titled: “I gave electronically.”  The cards are there for people to put into the basket indicating they gave either by texting or through their credit/debit card.   If you are interested in giving electronically, you may 1. text your donation amount to the number on the bottom of the card: (603) 931-4611.  This is good, especially for those who don’t carry cash.  Or option 2. You may visit the parish website:, click the “Online Giving” icon, and set up your debit/credit card or bank account.

That’s how it all works. 

Next Sunday, July 21st, after the 10AM Mass, the Knights are providing a delicious breakfast with live music (Mark Rosier) in the parish hall.  A free-will donation basket will be made available and all proceeds will help the parish Knights Council.  Bring your appetites!

May God continue to bless us and our Parish


Fr. David 

Happy 4th of July Weekend

Happy 4th of July Weekend!  (and Happy Birthday Bear!)

It’s a joyful time of the year, when we celebrate our Independence and our great Country!  Please make time during family barbeques and celebrations to pray.  We need to give God “thanks” for the birth of our Nation, the gift of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Also, pray for those who serve our Country in the Armed Forces.  We have a few in our parish who are serving overseas right now.  We should always pray for them, in thanksgiving for defending us, and that they return home safely. 

When I first arrived here at St. Joseph’s Parish back in April 2011, Bear, my dog, was just 9 months old.  Now, on her birthday (July 4th) she turned 9 years old!  Time certainly flies by!  In dog years, she is 63 years old.  That may explain why she is slowing down a bit, except for when someone comes to the door; she still bursts with excitement and enthusiasm!

I am looking for ideas in ways that we can honor the Saint who offered Holy Mass here at St. Joseph’s Church back in August of 1951.  Pope Saint Paul VI (when he was just a Monsignor) was traveling on business when on route from Boston to Quebec, he stopped here in Lincoln, NH.  While here, he offered the daily Mass.  Fast forward to 2018; Pope Francis canonized Pope Paul VI, a Saint.  So, it’s very special for us, that a future Pope, especially a future Saint would say Mass here in our church! I am thinking that a bronze plaque on the wall or a statue in the church would be a great way to honor this special occasion and Saint.  Please stay tuned!

May God continue to bless us and America!

Fr. Kneeland

Happy July 4th

Happy 4th of July!  This Thursday, daily Mass will be held on Independence Day, at 8:30AM instead of 5PM, so that, you may enjoy the many town’s festivities and family barbecues.  I always enjoy the Woodstock-Lincoln’s parade and firework display each 4th!  Bear (my dog) not so much!  Haha 

Summer is upon us, and I hope you can find time to vacation, and relax.  Perhaps peruse our parish library and find a spiritual book to add to your Summer reading list.  The parish library is located in the St. Anne’s room, downstairs inside the church.

As the Sun bakes, remember that hearing the Word of the Lord and receiving the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament at Mass, giving Him thanks & praise;  is year-round.  So please don’t fall into a spiritual drought this Summer!

Our Parish Capital Campaign is going strong!  Please see the paper- mache mountain to see its progress.  In addition, the parish online giving (having your weekly stewardship donation taken from your credit card or checking account automatically) is taking off!  More and more of you are liking this feature.  As we carry less paper money around with us; it makes giving easy.  I set up my Capital Campaign contribution through my credit card.  I like it.  I’ve even embraced and enjoy doing all my banking online now.  An added benefit is saving money on stamps!

May the Good Lord continue to Bless us and our Parish Community here in the Mountains!

Fr. Kneeland

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

Next Weekend, We will welcome Sister Ellen from the Sisters of the Holy Rosary.  Sister will give us our Annual Missions Appeal.  She will speak during all the Masses about her ministry and this important appeal.

A group of us from the Parish along with the kids in Faith Formation took the Moose Tour Bus on a Field Trip to the Our Lady of La Salette Shrine in Enfield, NH.  We all had a wonderful time!  The weather was gorgeous for the picnic and day outside touring the Shrine.  Fr. John Sullivan gave us a walking tour of the statues depicting Our Lady of La Salette’s appearance in France on September 19, 1846.  She appeared then to two shepherd children and their pet dog, in the French Alps.  “She was seated, Her face buried in Her hands, weeping, She rose, calming the children’s fears with Her maternal voice.  She told them the cause of Her tears:  disobedience to the laws of God and of the Church, blasphemy, failure to keep the Lord’s Day Holy, and lack of prayer.  She wept also at the very grave consequences of these offenses for Her people, but promised blessings to those who would return to God.”

The Shrine in Enfield was built on the site of a Shaker colony on the shores of Lake Mascoma.  Visit if you can! 

May God and Our Lady of La Salette Bless us, and our Parish Family.


Fr. Kneeland

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