Parish Updates


A few updates:

I conversed briefly with Fr. “Bill” (Roger Bilodeau) last week at Fr. Will Demers funeral Mass at the Cathedral. As you know, Fr. Bill had suffered a major heart attack some months ago. Well, he looks healthy and says he is feeling fine.  He is currently on assignment in Manchester at the priest’s retirement/nursing facility taking care of the spiritual needs of his brother priests, which includes daily Mass and visits. His living there is good because they can keep an eye on him so that he doesn’t over-do-it!

Do you recall the little three month old baby boy Gavin who was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer? Well, more good news has been pouring in. Little Gavin is doing so well, that he will be undergoing a final complete physical to hopefully clear him of any cancer! Praise God! Please continue to pray for him and his family. Proof that prayer can move mountains!

The new parish website is up and running. In fact, many of you already know this! A web designer, Kate, has donated all her time, talent and energy (which amounted to many hours of work) into creating and updating our parish website.  So here’s the news, Kate tells us that in the last few weeks alone we have had 315 sessions, 643 page views and 255 users. She goes on to say, “there’s a good amount of direct traffic, and a lot coming from Google — our site is the 3rd result in search when a person searches for just “St. Joseph” in Google!” Isn’t that amazing! Thanks to all involved and for Jane Maki in keeping the material on it current! Please check it out: (I’m told you don’t need the “www” anymore… but I’m old school… lol)

The Parish Choir, led by the Maestro, Caroline Long meets on Tuesdays at 10:00 am in the church for choir rehearsal. They are actively looking for more members to join, so please stop by this Tuesday! We, as a parish, are blessed to have them perform and sing enriching our liturgy! So mark your calendar and see you Tuesday here in the church!

Lastly, if you are interested in becoming Catholic, or curious about the Catholic Faith, please let me know. Contact me through e-mail or telephone or just see me, any way you wish. Last year, Austin Tetley entered fully into the Catholic Faith at the parish’s Easter Vigil Mass. The parish offers an online program that is easy to use and interactive. This is in addition to some group meetings discussing various topics and practices of the Faith. I know that, for some, this is a big decision. I invite you to pray over it, and know that there is no obligation and will remain confidential if you wish.

Please pray for the parish and each other.

Fr. Kneeland


Church Happenings


Summer is zipping by! We are in August already! It seems like just yesterday, we were shoveling snow! Anyway, I hope your summer is warm and relaxing!

It’s been busy around here with Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals, Construction meetings, Restoration meetings, Finance Council Budget meetings, new Diocese office managing systems, dealing with a church manager (Danielle) going through all these new office related managing systems — Paylocity/Cloud/new Accounting System changes, and gearing up for Fall parish activities… no summer slumming at St. Joe’s!

Please pray for all who receive these Sacraments here, and for all the parish family members, including visitors, who come to pray seeking peace, rest, healing, and friendship.

A reminder that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be celebrated at the Lincoln Green this Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. Come join us!

May God bless you and continue to shower His Love upon our parish!

Fr. Kneeland

Invitation to Eucharistic Adoration


I thank Father Gerry for being here last week to allow me to spend some time with family and friends. It’s good to be back, recharged and refreshed! Danielle is still in Pennsylvania visiting with her mom and family this week, therefore, the office will be closed this week too.

You may have seen an electrician working around the church lately. He is David Costa, a parishioner, who has been erecting some needed outdoor motion lights near the entrance of the side door of the church as well as fixing some fixtures inside. He has installed motion on/off switches in all the restrooms in the church.  This way, if someone forgets to the shut the light/fan in the restroom, it’ll automatically shut-off on its own after a short while.

You may have noticed that the confessional room is no longer in operation because of the ensuing construction. Therefore, we will hold confession in the sacristy before Saturday Mass at the usual time. If the sacristy door is open, please come in; if not, please wait.

As we already know, the Eucharist is the Real Presence of Jesus; Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. And so, during Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, we are adoring the Risen Christ; Life itself.  Many people today have the same reaction as those disciples who heard Jesus preach it for the first time in Capernaum. They were scandalized! “This saying is hard, and who can hear it?” (John 6:61)  St. John later tells us, that many of Jesus’ Disciples stopped following Him altogether because Jesus reiterated that “His flesh is true food, His Blood is true drink.” And so, I implore you to deepen your Faith by adoring the Lord in the Eucharist here on Wednesdays. Stop by and make a visit and if the Holy Spirit moves you; sign up to give an hour of your week in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. Please call Sue Whitman at 603-745-3331 if you are interested.

Peace, and please continue to pray for those on the prayer line and on the sick list as well as our parish community!

Fr. Kneeland

Vacation Time


As I type this column, I am listening to the Boston Pops on live TV playing on the Esplanade and out my window, I see the fireworks going off in the neighborhood.  Quite festive! I hope your 4th was exciting and enjoyable!

You may have noticed the dead apple tree in the front lawn of the Rectory Office has been removed and a new tree is planted. The new tree is a type of cherry tree I bought at Walmart. We’ll see if it survives?! I was assured that the remaining apple tree will be pollenated by the crabapple tree across the street, so I didn’t need to plant a second apple tree.

There will be no weekday Masses here this week, I’ll be taking a little time away with my dad and family. Please welcome Fr. Gerry this weekend who you should know from filling-in for me here in the parish in the past. He hails from Sugar Hill, NH during the snow-less months during the year and is gracious to be here to help us!

Danielle will be away also for two weeks, to visit her mom in Pennsylvania. So the office will be closed for the next two weeks. If you should need Mass cards or Mary’s Candle prayer requests, etc, please use the envelopes provided located near the bulletins in church which can be either dropped in the collection basket or mailed to the office or placed in the candle boxes and if you prefer not to use the envelope, you may e-mail the office at All other business will have to wait. In case an emergency should arise during this upcoming week, i.e., an anointing or funeral; please call the office (there will be a contact number on the answering machine).

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will continue this Wednesday, so please keep your regular scheduled hour. If you have never visited the church during a Wednesday during Adoration 9:00 am until 8:00 pm, I encourage you to do so.  You can come, sign the book that just says you made a visit and stay for as long or as little as you’d like.  Sit in silence and pray, read and/or bask in the presence of the Lord. There’s No obligation or commitment; just come and see.

Please continue to pray for peace and for our parish family.

Fr. Kneeland



Happy 4th of July


The annual Local Parade was on Saturday. I hope you had a chance to see it. It’s a nice way to celebrate our Independence and our great Country, the good ol’ USA!

This upcoming week, you may notice workers in the church preparing to install an elevator (Lift/LULA) in the front right corner of the church building. This elevator/lift is long needed and will serve the parish well. The current operating stair lift (that I like to call, “the Beast”) is not to code and is unsafe. This new elevator will be safe and allow the user to enter at ground level from the parking lot and proceed to either the upper level (the main body of the church) or the lower level (the church hall downstairs). This is terrific, because currently, there is no handicap accessibility to the lower level church hall downstairs.

This elevator project is part of a larger plan to improve and restore the church building. This initial phase of construction which includes the elevator, is financed through our parish central fund savings account held by the Diocese. Capital will need to be raised to achieve the over-all plan. More information will be made available in the near future…stay tuned!

On a different note, it is Danielle McAfee’s “39th birthday” “Again!” lol, on Thursday, July 9th! As you know, she is the parish business manager who slaves in the office (who also puts these bulletins together each week for us). So please wish her a “happy birthday” if you happen to stop by the office.

I can’t believe my dog Bear has turned 5 years old on the 4th of July. Time goes by so quickly; she was only one when I first arrived here at St. Joseph!

I hope you all find time to rest, rejuvenate and relax this summer. In your down-time, please remember to pray for our Country and for peace throughout the world. May God shower His graces on you and on our parish family.

Fr. Kneeland

Pope’s Encyclical


Next weekend we celebrate Independence Day here in America.  What a special time of the year!  May we give God thanks for our Country and our Freedom.

Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si’ “Praised be” offers guidance about our moral obligation to care for others and care for all of God’s creation. He encourages us to have a change of heart and work together to better protect the earth, and to build a culture of life. He has seen firsthand, through his travels, how certain industrialized societies, (i.e. China with horrific smog pollution choking people in the streets of some cities, that force citizens to wear breathing masks). In some other parts of the world, industry pollutes the waterways with little regard and the poor are forced to use this polluted water to drink.  With this in mind, the Pope reminds us in this teaching, that God has given us this world as a gift and He asks us to take care of it, and each other. To read the full text, please google: “Laudato Si’ or “Praised be” And to read Bishop Libasci’s comments on the encyclical go to: There you will also find the Bishop’s letter in reaction to the tragedy that occurred in the Christian Church in Charleston, South Carolina where nine people were killed after an hour long Bible Study session. Utterly sad and horrific!  This reminds us that evil exists and no place is safe. It should spurn us on to pray for peace as our Heavenly Mother requests and to be proactive when we notice unusual and dangerous speech and behavior by others; to notify the authorities/police.We cannot remain silent and allow evil to destroy.

May we continue to pray for our parish and for one another.

God Love you!
Fr. Kneeland




Special Thanks


Summer begins this weekend and after that long cold winter, we all exclaim, “Yes!” I saw a picture depicting a snowy cold winter scene with cars buried in the snow with the caption: “Don’t you dare complain about the heat!” Haha! So true!

I would like to thank a group of people who don’t usually get any attention for all their tediously hard work in the parish. They usually go unnoticed, yet, what they do is so vital to the overall operation of the parish. They are the money counters.  Dedicated parishioners who volunteer their time to count and deposit the money collected during the offertory. They unwrap, unravel, unroll all those wrapped, twisted, rolled up bills, some that look like they belong on the cover of an Origami magazine! Then they count everything up, careful not to make an error.  So, “Thank you!” for all you do!

Great news! We will be beginning a Choir here in the parish! Please consider joining. You don’t have to be Dean Martin or Patsy Kline, just a person who likes to sing and meet new friends! See me for details.

Have a blessed Father’s Day to all dads. May our patron saint, the most loving of all fathers, St. Joseph assist you and obtain for you through his powerful intercession all spiritual blessings through his Divine Son, Jesus.

God love you!

Fr. Kneeland

Summertime Message


Liturgically, we are in Ordinary Time in the Church calendar. This means the Vestments are Green and there are no more Solemnities in the horizon for a while. This also means that the Summertime season is approaching fast (next Sunday, June 21st). Before we realize it, the school will be closed for the academic year, vacationers will be filling the sidewalks and the church here at St. Joseph’s will continue to bustle with people every Sunday attending Mass and giving God praise! (Hint, Hint…) Church doesn’t end when Summer begins! In case you haven’t realized it yet, this is my annual “be sure to come to Church during the Summer months” priest column lecture! Lol… And so, as a reminder, even if you go far away on vacation, there is always a Catholic Church nearby where you are staying. It’s always interesting to visit other Church and pray before the Lord in the Tabernacle requesting a favor (if it’s your first time in that church). And if you remember, please bring back a bulletin so Danielle and I can “borrow” ideas for our bulletin! Haha…

Do have a safe and relaxing Summer!

The neighborhood menace black bear has seemed to move on from here. Well at least as of now, it hasn’t dumpster dived in a couple of weeks. I poured ammonia inside the dumpster, and so far, it worked!

Pray for the parish and for one another,

God love you!

Fr. Kneeland

June Greetings


I had the honor of being part of the Lin-Wood class of 2015 Baccalaureate celebration held at the rain location, Jean’s Playhouse last Sunday evening. I gave a speech along with some fantastic speakers; Chaplain Markus Corey (who also sang a song!), the two english teachers, Heather Krill and Jen Whitcher, and the math teacher, Richard Baker. Thank God I was the first in this group!  It would’ve been a tough act to follow!  Twenty-four students graduated last Friday evening, June 5th. Please keep them in your prayers as they begin a new chapter in their life’s journey.

An update on little baby Gavin who had cancer in which we prayed for and had made a second collection to give to the family to help pay medical bills. Well, good news, I spoke to his grandmother last Friday, and as she showed me pictures of him on her phone, said he is doing great, and was sent home last week. He had some ups and downs, but as for now, things are looking good, he is home and still smiling after all he’s been through with chemo, etc.“praise God!”

The Diocese is switching all our record keeping from each parish onto a cloud. I don’t know what that means, however, Danielle, the parish office manager, must go to two days of training this week as part of the process. The goal is that all the parish book keeping will be accessible to the Diocese as well as kept safe in a cloud. Say a special prayer for Danielle as she embarks in this extensive number crunching training from the Diocese.

May God continue to bless us, the parish and all the good works we do!

God Love you!

Fr. Kneeland


Call for Volunteers


Thank you for all the birthday wishes! Sneaky Danielle, the office manager, snuck the announcement into last week’s bulletin that it was my birthday on the 27th. So thank you and yes, it is nice to be 39 again and again and again…lol

Please consider becoming an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, a lector, an Altar Server, an after-Mass-tidy-up-the-pews person, etc… I know I pleaded with you in last week’s “priest column” but, unfortunately, there were no takers. I did get one very generous person say they will help Gloria and Lorraine with providing Mercy Meals after funerals — very thankful!

In the “priest column” I had mentioned that the “pay for doing ministry in the parish is Heavenly. I was told that some of you, who read it, got confused and thought that it meant these volunteers were getting paid handsomely! Not true, being a Reader, E.M., Altar Server is all volunteer work. Which got me to thinking…even with the confusion, still no one came forward to help out!  Lol

Anyway, please pray and consider (arm-twist) becoming a minister of sorts here at St. Joseph’s.

The church votive candles you will notice, do not offer the small two-day candles anymore. Instead, there are only the 6-day bigger candles. This is because the smaller candles would burn directly inside the glass container, causing an enormous amount of cleaning for one particular person. This person would have to boil/microwave the remaining wax out of the glass containers, then place them in the dishwasher, then lug them carefully back to the sacristy, all cleaned. It was a tremendous job (volunteer job btw). The larger candles burn within their own plastic sleeve, making clean-up a breeze. In addition, ordering, storing and shipping charges, will now be cut in half as well. With this said, some have complained, rightly, that without the smaller candles, there is no option for those who cannot afford the large candles. True, but please know, that the price listed on the candle stand is just a “suggested/asking donation” and not a “price” to light a candle. I do not want anyone to feel that they have to make a donation in order to light a candle. So please, light a candle, make an intention, say a prayer and if you feel moved, place a donation in the allotted slot in the amount of your choosing.

The tradition of lighting candles in church goes way back and is so special. It keeps our prayerful intention in vigil, rising up to heaven to be answered, for as long as the flame burns brightly. Sadly, this tradition in the Church has been removed in many parishes for various reasons. I think it’s wonderful that we continue to provide this devotion and continue to pray for the intentions of all the lit candles in the church during each of the weekend Masses.

Keep the suggestions coming!

Pray for Peace and for one another,

God Love You!
Fr. Kneeland