June Greetings


I had the honor of being part of the Lin-Wood class of 2015 Baccalaureate celebration held at the rain location, Jean’s Playhouse last Sunday evening. I gave a speech along with some fantastic speakers; Chaplain Markus Corey (who also sang a song!), the two english teachers, Heather Krill and Jen Whitcher, and the math teacher, Richard Baker. Thank God I was the first in this group!  It would’ve been a tough act to follow!  Twenty-four students graduated last Friday evening, June 5th. Please keep them in your prayers as they begin a new chapter in their life’s journey.

An update on little baby Gavin who had cancer in which we prayed for and had made a second collection to give to the family to help pay medical bills. Well, good news, I spoke to his grandmother last Friday, and as she showed me pictures of him on her phone, said he is doing great, and was sent home last week. He had some ups and downs, but as for now, things are looking good, he is home and still smiling after all he’s been through with chemo, etc.“praise God!”

The Diocese is switching all our record keeping from each parish onto a cloud. I don’t know what that means, however, Danielle, the parish office manager, must go to two days of training this week as part of the process. The goal is that all the parish book keeping will be accessible to the Diocese as well as kept safe in a cloud. Say a special prayer for Danielle as she embarks in this extensive number crunching training from the Diocese.

May God continue to bless us, the parish and all the good works we do!

God Love you!

Fr. Kneeland


Call for Volunteers


Thank you for all the birthday wishes! Sneaky Danielle, the office manager, snuck the announcement into last week’s bulletin that it was my birthday on the 27th. So thank you and yes, it is nice to be 39 again and again and again…lol

Please consider becoming an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, a lector, an Altar Server, an after-Mass-tidy-up-the-pews person, etc… I know I pleaded with you in last week’s “priest column” but, unfortunately, there were no takers. I did get one very generous person say they will help Gloria and Lorraine with providing Mercy Meals after funerals — very thankful!

In the “priest column” I had mentioned that the “pay for doing ministry in the parish is Heavenly. I was told that some of you, who read it, got confused and thought that it meant these volunteers were getting paid handsomely! Not true, being a Reader, E.M., Altar Server is all volunteer work. Which got me to thinking…even with the confusion, still no one came forward to help out!  Lol

Anyway, please pray and consider (arm-twist) becoming a minister of sorts here at St. Joseph’s.

The church votive candles you will notice, do not offer the small two-day candles anymore. Instead, there are only the 6-day bigger candles. This is because the smaller candles would burn directly inside the glass container, causing an enormous amount of cleaning for one particular person. This person would have to boil/microwave the remaining wax out of the glass containers, then place them in the dishwasher, then lug them carefully back to the sacristy, all cleaned. It was a tremendous job (volunteer job btw). The larger candles burn within their own plastic sleeve, making clean-up a breeze. In addition, ordering, storing and shipping charges, will now be cut in half as well. With this said, some have complained, rightly, that without the smaller candles, there is no option for those who cannot afford the large candles. True, but please know, that the price listed on the candle stand is just a “suggested/asking donation” and not a “price” to light a candle. I do not want anyone to feel that they have to make a donation in order to light a candle. So please, light a candle, make an intention, say a prayer and if you feel moved, place a donation in the allotted slot in the amount of your choosing.

The tradition of lighting candles in church goes way back and is so special. It keeps our prayerful intention in vigil, rising up to heaven to be answered, for as long as the flame burns brightly. Sadly, this tradition in the Church has been removed in many parishes for various reasons. I think it’s wonderful that we continue to provide this devotion and continue to pray for the intentions of all the lit candles in the church during each of the weekend Masses.

Keep the suggestions coming!

Pray for Peace and for one another,

God Love You!
Fr. Kneeland


Memorial Day Message


This weekend is Memorial Day, honoring those who died while serving in the armed services for our Country. They made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may continue to enjoy our freedom. May God bless them!

Memorial Day weekend also marks the beginning of vacation season. Mmm…doesn’t that sound nice after this long winter!

Liturgically, we are ending our Easter Season this weekend with Pentecost Sunday. Next week is Trinity Sunday followed by Corpus Christi Sunday. Once we celebrate these heavy Holy Feast Days, we return to Ordinary Time in the Liturgical calendar.

The Bishop sent a letter to every parish in the Diocese concerning the devastation caused by the earthquake in Nepal. “It was a 7.8 earthquake with the epicenter just 50 miles from the capital city of Kathmandu. There are over 8,400 confirmed deaths and many more have been injured. Tens of thousands of families are sleeping outside and require shelter. Our brothers and sisters in Nepal need immediate aid and assistance.” The Bishop asks us to take up a Free Will offering on the weekend of May 30th and 31st.

Some exciting news, I will be offering a Mass once a month at the Lincoln Green housing for our senior parishioners who may find it difficult to leave their home at times. The Mass will be offered every 1st Wednesday of the month at 2:00 pm in the main gathering space of the building. Thanks to Gillie Bossie for making it all come together.

Our parishioner, Gemma Perry, turned 99 years young this past Thursday! She is the most “senior” of the senior citizens who live in town. Gemma’s brother, Dr. Ray Cormier was my Chiropractor growing up and is a good friend of my family in Windham, NH as well. So it is wonderful to have gotten to know Gemma too! Happy Birthday!

Found in the parish suggestion/comment box, a note from visiting parishioners, Gary and Francie who hail from Halifax, New Jersey; they write: “…we were delighted to find this gem of a church!…” Thought  I’d pass that along to you…so, please, pat yourself on the back!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

God Bless,
Fr. Kneeland

Call for Altar Servers


A big “thank you” to Gloria Morin and her helper, Lorraine Logiudice for preparing a delicious Mercy Meal after each funeral of Gilles Dumont and Bernie Fox. It means a lot to the family members when the parish can provide a space to meet and share memories. Thank you on behalf of the parish!

If you would like to be a helper and volunteer in the bereavement committee, please call the office and let Danielle know. The commitment entails being able to help Gloria set up the hall, display the food, and perhaps wash a few dishes at a moment’s notice. Obviously we cannot plan when your services will be needed, however, usually you would be notified a few days in advance.

We are in need of Altar Servers for all three Masses. Please, please, please consider your youngster (4th grade and older) to serve as an Altar Server for one of the weekend Masses of your choice, once or twice a month. Please ask them for me, if they would be willing to join the ranks of Altar servers. They will be fully trained and would serve with another Altar Server. Please call the office!

We are in need (see the pattern here?!) of adult Altar Servers to serve at funerals. If you are retired (preferably), own a Sunday best outfit, and can be available to serve with only a few days notice, please, please, please consider joining the rank of Altar Server. No past Altar Serving experience necessary. You would be fully trained and serve with another adult Altar Server. The pay is heavenly. Pray about it and please consider it…then, call the office!

At the beginning of the month of May, we gathered at Mass to crown our statue of Mary in the church. Rebecca Peterson a student in our parish Religious Ed. program had the honors to crown Mary surrounded by the First Holy Communion class. Afterwards we welcomed new parishioners, “thanked” Jim and Barbara Collier for their years of service to the parish and shared some laughs. Thank you to all who participated and supplied food/treats toward the potluck dinner.

In this month of May for our Blessed Mother, be sure to pray to Our Lady for peace in the world, in our homes and for Her to pour out Her abundant graces on the parish!

Pray for one another.
Fr. Kneeland

Mother’s Day Message


This Sunday is Mother’s Day. A special day out of the year to honor our moms and say “thanks” for all they’ve done and continue to do. Mothers’ prayers for their children are so powerful! It’s one of the best things a mother can do for their kids, no matter what age! We see the perfect example in our Blessed Mother, who prays for us, her adopted children constantly. And it’s through Her prayers, that we remain ever close to our Lord. So this month of May, and especially today, we give our mothers “thanks” for all the prayers, and for all the love.

Our newly crowned, Lady of Fatima statue in the church is beautiful. The feast day of our Lady of Fatima is this Wednesday, May 13th. Perhaps you may stop by and say a special prayer to Our Lady of Fatima during Adoration this Wednesday.

Also, come Thursday of this week to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to celebrate Ascension Thursday (it’s a Holy Day of Obligation). Not that you would come to Mass out of “obligation” but out of Love for the Risen Lord, ascending to Heaven, “to prepare a place for us.” The schedule on Thursday is 8:30 am and 6:00 pm.

The suggestion/comment box has been empty lately. It is located in the church next to the poor box. So, I assume, “no news, is good news” and will continue onward! Of course, if you do put a suggestion/ comment in the box, if you are looking for an answer to a question, you will need to put your name and address/e-mail address on the message, however, you may remain anonymous.

May we continue to pray for each other and the parish!

Happy and Blessed Mother’s Day to all moms!

Fr. Kneeland

Presbyterate Convocation and Our May Crowning


This week, I will be attending the annual Presbyterate Convocation in North Conway, NH. It is a gathering of all the priests and bishops from the Diocese for conferences and discussions concerning the Priesthood. The guest presenter for the main sessions is Rev. James F. Keenan, S.J. with the topic, “Virtue in the Work of Priesthood.” It should be interesting (well, “interesting” if you are a priest, I suppose…). During the downtime, I hope to be outside playing Bocce Ball and whipping Fr. Jeff Statz in several rounds of Air Hockey! Usually he’s the reigning champ, but I can dream!

We will celebrate Mass each day and pray the Liturgy of the Hours as a group and have ample time to adore the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel each day. So know you will be in my prayers and I ask that you please pray for all of us assembled at this convention.

Join us this Thursday, May 7th for our annual May Crowning during the 5:00 p.m. Mass. Immediately following, we will meet downstairs in the church hall to celebrate the end of the religious school year, welcome new parishioners to the parish from this past year, and give thanks to Jim and Barbara Collier, our guests of honor, for their generous service to the parish all these years in the music ministry as they retire from serving here at St. Joseph’s. Hope to see you there!

Please remember to pray for each other and the parish!

God Bless,
Fr. Kneeland