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God’s Creation

Laudato si’, mi’ Signore”—“Praise be to you, my Lord.”  In the words of this beautiful canticle, Saint Francis of Assisi reminds us that our common home, God’s vineyard, is like a sister with whom we share our life and a beautiful mother who opens her arms to embrace us.

Whether you are visiting St. Joseph’s Parish or live in the area year round, you cannot help but to admire the beauty of God’s creation – especially this time of year when He paints the local vineyard with brilliant color to remind us of the depth of His Universal Love for us.

In your bulletin today, and at the entrances to the church, you will find postcards of St. Joseph’s church nestled in the foliage.  Please take some home to post on your refrigerator, prop up on your desk, use as a bookmark, or send to a friend.  Thank you for joining us this weekend in the Lord’s vineyard!

And remember, the Creator does not abandon us.  He never forsakes His Loving Plan nor repents of having created us.  Let us labor to protect the environment – His vineyard and our common home. 

Mass Intentions for the Week

Saturday, October 3   4:30 PM Robert & Marianne Loranger
By Margaret & Doug Sweeney
Sunday, October 4  
7:30 AM  Rev. Leo A. Shea By Peter & Carol
10:00 AM For the people of the Parish
After 10 AM Mass Blessing of the Pets
Wednesday, October 7 8:00 AM Barbara Marion Hadley
By Shelley E. Thompson
Thursday, October 8 8:00 AM  Joyce Clark
By Peter & Carol
Friday, October 9 8:00 AM Rae Clough
By Rae Perron
Saturday, October 10 4:30 PM Maree Doherty Lagasse
By Stephen & Barbara Loughman
Sunday, October 11
7:30 AM  Lillian Gilman
1 yr. anniversary By The Parish
10:00 AM For the people of the Parish

After 10 AM Mass Blessing of the Pets

Mass Intentions for the Week

Saturday, September 26   4:30 PM Jim Bujeaud
By Randy, Charlene, Jim Boyle
Sunday, September 27  
7:30 AM  For the Parishioners of St. Joseph’s Parish
10:00 AM Marie & Leonard Bossie
By Pauline & Charles Harrington
Wednesday, September 30 8:00 AM Georgia Robie
By The Parish
Thursday, October 1 8:00 AM Barbara Marion Hadley
By Shelley E. Thompson
Friday, October 2 8:00 AM Pat & Kay Reardon
By the Family
Saturday, October 3 4:30 PM Robert & Marianne Loranger
By Margaret & Doug Sweeney
Sunday, October 4
7:30 AM  Rev. Leo A. Shea By Peter & Carol
10:00 AM For the Parishioners of St. Joseph’s Parish
After 10 AM Mass Blessing of the Pets

Positive Reinforcement

“… but afterwards he changed his mind…”

(Matthew 21:30).

             One of the more popular and effective interventions in the field of mental-health counseling these days is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  Simply stated, if you can change your thoughts, then you can change your behavior.

             One of my internship placements a few years ago involved counseling adolescents at a summer camp for wards of the state.  One teen, Benjamin, was a good kid—friendly, helpful, even cheerful.  Yet just below the surface, there seemed to be a slow-burning anger.  It erupted unexpectedly one day.  After striking out on the baseball field, Ben had an emotional meltdown. 

I pulled him aside to give him time to cool off.  “What’s going on, Ben?” I asked him.  It took him a while to open up, but it turned out that after the strikeout, he’d overheard one of the guys on his team complain loudly, “I should have known.  It never changes.  He always makes the last out.”  I figured there was more to the story because these kids usually had pretty thick skin after all the teasing at camp.  In time it came out: “The last thing my father said before he sent me here was, ‘You’ll never change.’”

Ben and I had a talk later that afternoon about all the ways he’d changed for the better just in the short time I knew him.  And I also pointed out his good traits that I hoped would never change—his kindness, his helpfulness, his very good heart.  The rest of the summer was good for Ben.

Is there someone in your life who needs to hear some positive reinforcement about themselves?  Could you help someone change their self-concept by pointing out what is good about them and what you like about them?  You just might win them over to Christ.  Remember, if you can change the thought, you can change the behavior.

Faith Formation

We are getting ready to re-start our Faith Formation program and are excited to welcome everyone back! If you have a child in first through sixth grade, please contact the rectory and register them for our Faith Formation program. We will be using the “Spirit of Truth” curriculum from the Sophia Institute, one of the publishers approved by the Diocese of Manchester. We will be using a digital format for the first half of the year, and the children will do their learning online and at home. As soon as we are able, we will schedule in-person gatherings to give the children a sense of being a community of learners. Feel free to contact Paula King (348-8166) if you have any questions or would like more details about the program.

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