Rest in Peace

Our parishioner. Lois Conway, passed away. Wake service will be at the Funeral Home on Wednesday, 3/11 from 5-7 PM. Funeral will be at St. Joseph Church on Thursday, 3/12 at 1 PM.
Please keep her family in your prayers.

Please Pray for the Sick  

Amy Maki, Arnold Parker, Louise Sewell, Darlene Pitcher, Evelyn Crisp Decker, Johnny Pironti, Laurie Mason, Anne Paino, Lynn Wiley, Marion Cloutier, Gillie Bossie, Patty Papio, Charlie Harrington, Maria Araiyo, Tom Sheehan, Merle Richards, Marty Tarnok, Declan Peters, Mark Rosier, Jack & Martha Lynch, Judy Germaine, Gary Cox, Ed Peterson, Krissy Thompson, Tom Sherbinski, Elaine Eisenhauer, Edward Pieroni.

To add or remove a person please call the rectory.