Prayer Line



We ask you to keep in your prayers each day the men and women who serve our great country

Prayers for our sick:
Johnny Pironti, Laurie Mason, Anne Paino, Estella Garland, Lynn Wiley, Marion Cloutier, Gillie Bossie, Patty Papio, Lilian Gilman, Charlie Harrington, Maria Araiyo, Tom Sheehan, Merle Richards, Marguerite Desjardins, Amy Tucker, Marie Duquette, Rita Tamulonis, Marty Tarnok, Declan Peters, Mark Rosier, Jack Lynch, Frank Edward Garland, Judy Germaine, Gary Cox, Ed Peterson, Krissy Thompson, Cindy Jones, Thomas Sherbinski, Lois Conway, Elaine Eisenhauer.

Please call the rectory to add or remove someone from the list. 

Blessing for Our Nation
God of all things, we come before You in thanksgiving for all that You have created. For the world and its beauty, but especially for the people around us. We ask you today to give us wisdom and courage to look at the world and all its problems and inspire us to dream great ways to improve upon what You have so graciously given to us. Make us worthy to call You Father. And together bestow insight upon us to honor Your created things. Bless, protect, and gift us ever anew with Your love. We ask all this as members of this country, in Christ’s name. Amen.