Prayer Line

We ask you to keep in your prayers each day the men and women who serve our country


Rosie Lare: (Danielle’s best friend}will be undergoing brain surgery this Friday Please pray for a successful surgery and recovery

Please keep Patty Renna and Irene Engel in your daily prayers. They both have cancer and are undergoing chemo treatment.

Please pray for Amy Maki’s friend Cindy Jones. She has 2 brain tumors.  Pray for her recover

John Long: has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing treatment.  Please keep him in your prayers


Prayers for our Sick:

Marie Duquette, Mary Donahue, Colton Wheeler Amanda McNeill, Fred Englert, Tom Sheehan, Maria Araiyo, Atticus Jones, Dan Barry, Emelio and Teresa Medaglia, Kelly Paradise, Roger Libby, Charlie Harrington, Larry & Lilian Gilman, Marguerite Desjardins, Karen Silva Peterson, Chuck McCannon, Tom Koen, Lois Conway, Amy Tucker, Merle Richards, Patty Papio, Marion Cloutier, Connie Gardner, Ernest Valera, Adam Cloutier, Gillie Bossie, Aline Dumont, Michael, John and Peggy McNeil, Rob and Elaine Eisenhauer, and John McGann.

Please call the rectory to add or remove someone from the list.