Share His Word

Share His Word is a practical ministry focused on bringing The Liturgy of the Word (the Word) to our loved ones by making the text easy to access and encouraging them to read it.

Why do we need it?
Fact: 80+ Million people in the United States claim to be Catholic.
Fact: Fewer than 10 Million Catholics actually practice and live their Faith as Christ taught us.

Where have all the Catholics gone?
The answer is simple; the majority of the Catholics who are MIA (missing in action) today are our children and grandchildren, as well as other family members and friends who were raised Catholic, but no longer practice their faith in the way Christ intended when he founded His Church. And, while it would be wonderful to believe in the ultimate Miracle that would bring all our MIA souls back to their Catholic Faith, the reality is that this won’t happen unless we do something to help them get started.

What can we do?
The first step toward helping our loved ones return to their Catholic Faith is to give them the gift of The Word as it is presented at Mass each Sunday. The way to accomplish this goal is simple; the difficult part is for each of us to commit to the effort and get the work done.

How do we do it?
Three basic steps will get us to our goal and, more importantly, God’s goal:

  1. Initiate: Open a dialog with each of our loved ones; be straightforward and pray for wisdom and clarity as we explain why the Word is their special gift from God and should be part of their lives again. Get their commitment to try it.
  2. Deliver: In today’s connected world, we can easily “deliver” the Word electronically by simply texting or emailing a link to the #1 Catholic “app” in the world: This website will enable anyone with a smart phone, tablet or computer to download the Mass Readings for every Sunday and Holy Day of the year: the total cost is $4.99.
  3. Follow up: The success of our efforts will ultimately depend on our willingness to follow up with our loved ones, occasionally asking “how are you doing” and being ready to talk with them at the right moment. Helping our loved ones get back on track with their Cathollc Faith will take our hard work and perseverance. Sharing Eternal Salvation with them… priceless!