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Lincoln, New Hampshire

Faith Formation News

Please keep in your prayers, Raylynne Shamberger and Sophia Schirduan as they prepare for First Reconciliation on May 26, 2022.

Also, prayers for Ollie Bujeaud, Max Fabrizio, Nolan Haynes , and Owen Schirduan as they prepare for Confirmation and First Eucharist on June 10, 2022 at 6 PM.


Faith Formation students will be holding a bake sale before and after Masses on May 28 & 29.  Proceeds from the sale will fund our end-of-year celebration.  Thank you for your support!

Mass Intentions for the Week

Saturday, May 14   4:30 PM Mary Jane & Clement Comesana, Sr.             
By:  Ronnie Comesana

Sunday, May 15

7:30 AM Mary Govoni                                                       
By:  Peter and Carol Govoni
10:00 AM People of the Parish                                            

Wednesday, May 18 8:00 AM Bishop John McCormack

Thursday, May 19 8:00 AM Fr. Richard Connors      

Friday, May 20 8:00 AM Souls in Purgatory              

Saturday, May 21 4:30 PM Donald Boissonneault                   
By:  Judy and Quent Boyle

Sunday, May 22

7:30 AM People of the Parish
10:00 AM Normand Perron
By:  Rae Perron              

Mass Intentions for the Week

Saturday, May 7    4:30 PM Gioconda Escalona                                    
By:  Gene Duquette

Sunday, May 8

7:30 AM Mary Govoni                                                       
By:  Peter and Carol Govoni
10:00 AM People of the Parish                                            

Wednesday, May 11 8:00 AM Michael Wolowski (Living)
By:  Mom & Dad

Thursday, May 12   8:00 AM Michael Lacovara
By:  Patti & Casey Oullette

Friday, May 13 8:00 AM Anne & Frank Heger
By:  Parishioners of St. Joseph

Saturday, May 14  

4:30 PM Mary Jane & Clement Comesana, Sr. 
By:  Ronnie Comesana

Sunday, May 15

7:30 AM Mary Govoni
By:  Peter and Carol Govoni
10:00 AM People of the Parish             

Church Repair Assessments

Dear Parishioners and Visitors,

      Last summer, the Building & Grounds Committee determined that the rectory porch was structurally unsound.  When the contractors opened the floor boards, they discovered extensive insect and water damage to the infrastructure.  A few months later, the parish elevator failed inspection when the NH State inspector discovered that a few years ago a leak in the hydraulic pipes in the elevator shaft had been repaired with glue and electrical tape — needless to say, this constituted the potential for a quite dangerous eventuality.  In late January of this year, some of the memorial stained-glass windows in the narthex and the nave began to collapse, which our stained-glass expert attributes to age, gravity, and some questionable repair methods and materials used during past restorations.  At this point, the estimate for repairing the memorial windows is $22,800.

With these concerns in mind, I consulted recently with the Parish Finance Council and the Parish Pastoral Council to hear their thoughts about a strategic plan for addressing overall repair needs.  It was agreed that rather than taking a band-aid approach to fixing problems haphazardly as they arise, resources would be better invested by conducting a comprehensive structural engineering study of the parish property.   

Over the next few weeks, you may spot engineers poking around the parish campus.  They are from Alba Architects, LLP, of No. Woodstock, and it’s project partner, Team Engineering.  They are conducting a review of the parish’s buildings with respect to architectural and structural integrity.  In addition, they will be reviewing the current status of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, life safety/fire protections systems, accessibility and energy efficiency systems, to help us understand better the strengths and deficiencies of the church property.  When completed, the engineers will identify and prioritize structural issues that need to be addressed, and will provide an estimate of probable costs with respect to proposed construction needs.  Their work product will help the parish to plan, as may be needed, any ongoing maintenance, repair, and upgrades; their report will assist the parish to apportion future expenditures in an informed and fiscally-sound manner. 

Finally, I am grateful to Alba Architects for their willingness to conduct this study at a generous and modest “at-cost” offer that will be a considerable savings to the parish.  St. Joseph’s Parish has stood as a beacon of Catholicity in the White Mountains since 1902 only by the hard work, spiritual, and financial investment of many parishioners who have gone before us.  It is our responsibility to preserve the patrimony left to us in their memory.

With prayerful best wishes,

Fr. John Mahoney

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