St Joseph's Church

Lincoln, New Hampshire

The Need for Holy Eucharist

Missing the Holy Eucharist means like losing something very important, as if something is missing in life. It is the same feeling with many Catholics all over the world. I have heard many people saying that after receiving Jesus in the Holy Eucharist it is like consuming a great energy drink and it really rejuvenates their spiritual and physical body to start the day etc. Personally speaking I had a deep yearning to receive Christ every day after my First Holy Communion and I used to go to church with my grandmother every single day and if I were late in the morning or forgetting about she would come knocking at my door to wake me up and asking me to get ready for church, which she never did with her other grandchildren. Perhaps, she (my grandmother who is now in Heaven) is very fond of me and wanted me to become a priest someday. Now that I am a priest I owe it all to my grandmother who played a decisive role in modeling me into one. As young boy she taught me to adore and love the Eucharistic Lord daily to have grace upon grace. Sometimes you may find it funny but it is the truth.
Each of us is called to be a living sign of the Lord’s presence, and it can be accomplished only when we pay more attention to the Eucharistic Lord. His inevitable presence is there in every Eucharistic celebration, believe it or not. We don’t always notice that because our mind wanders in different directions or spins in 360 degree during the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. The Lord wants to be present in our world through each one of us. We are all aware of our capacity to hide the Lord as well as reveal Him. At the end of our day, it can be good to rewind and think about the blessings where the Lord has been gracing us with His presence, and then quietly give thanks for that. I would like to share with you some of the experiences of our parishioners who attend the Holy Mass daily.

“Receiving Jesus in everyday of my life gives me much relief and peace, I feel I am blessed” by Fred Germain Sr.

“I desire to receive Jesus everyday to express my love for Him, and to unite my works, joys and suffering to His sacrifice and through His goodness I have mercy.” By a faithful.

“I feel full of gratitude and love. I feel His presence within me, and also His mother. She also comes into the stable of my soul and makes it worthy to receive Him. Without Her “YES” we would not have the Body and Blood of Jesus” By Fred Mehrmann

“I look at the Holy host in my hand and try to fathom that I hold the timeless, infinite, creator who chooses to allow me to consume His very being, and thereby become a part of my very essence in a real and physical manner. Mind boggling!!.” By Chuck B. from North Dakota

“I say to Jesus “My Lord and My God” have mercy on me a sinner. May Your Body and Blood keep me safe for Eternal Life. I thank you for your love for me.” By a faithful.

“When I receive Jesus in communion I feel so blessed and at peace. It makes my day and gives me strength to face whatever comes my way.” By a faithful.

Town Hall meeting with Bishop Libasci

The Very Reverend Bishop Peter Libasci celebrated 5:00 Mass and met with parishioners on Tuesday, October 1. He responded to questions posed by the parishioners and expressed genuine concern for our needs. The Bishop reassured the Parish will continue to flourish to meet the needs of locals and visitors alike who come to St. Joseph’s for spiritual support and community. We want to thank Bishop Libasci for his time and look forward to his support as we move forward to meet the needs of our faith community

Faith Formation News

Confirmation for many of our students is scheduled for October 27th during the 10:00 Mass. Please keep all the children in your prayers as they continue to grow in their faith.

If you are new to the parish or know of a family with children in grades one through six, please have them register for Faith Formation at the rectory or contact Paula King at or (603) 348-8166.

Why The Sign of The Cross

The sign of the cross is a simple gesture yet profound expression of faith. Why do we make the sign of cross? Many people will have their own justification for their action. I have heard and seen people making sign of the cross when they wake up from the bed, in the church, and before meals, after receiving Jesus into their life and when Eucharist begins and ends, before their travel etc.  Why are we doing it? We do it so that we invoke the protection and guidance from God, and to remind us to thank God for everything that he has been to us. As I was growing up, it was my grandmother who taught me how to make the sign of the cross, in our tradition there is a longer and shorter version of it. We do the longer version when we get up from the bed and before the family rosary begins. I was not aware of the significance of making the sign of the cross in the very beginning; however I understood it is a prayer through which we are giving our total being to God, and in return receiving God’s grace. Moreover, it also conveys that when we open our five fingers to make the sign of the cross it recalls to our mind the FIVE HOLY WOUNDS of JESUS through which we are saved and looking for the salvation.

I too believe when an action is repeated throughout the day it becomes part of our life and becomes a habit. How many bad habits we have and why don’t we create a good habit in our life? So start doing the sign of the cross because it sanctifies our day. A patristic father Tertullian wrote “at every forward step and movement, at every going in and out, when we put on our clothes and shoes, when we sit at table, and in all the ordinary actions of daily life, we trace upon the forehead the sign of the cross for our own sanctification and protection”.  In moving our hands from our foreheads to our hearts and then both shoulders we are asking God to bless our whole body to retain the righteousness and discard the vice in us. According to Saint Francis de Sales “in first lifting our hand to our forehead we recall that the Father is the first person in the Trinity, and in lowering our hand we express that the Son proceeds from the Father, and by extending our hands to both ways we signify that the Spirit proceeds from both the Father and Son”. This Trinitarian concept makes us  feel that we are under the guardianship and protection of our GOD. Then why to worry? Make the sign of the cross at the good times and bad times, to thank Him and when you need Him. He is waiting to see the next sign of the cross that you make……  

Parish Pastoral Council Notes

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) met on September 10th. We discussed talking points for the parishioners’ meeting with Bishop Libasci on October 1st; Faith

Formation updates; progress on the Capital Campaign; a report on projects being considered by the Facilities Committee; upcoming events sponsored by the Knights of Columbus; and dates for the annual Christmas Festival and wreath-making at the Holtzmans.

If you have any concerns or questions for the PPC, please contact one of the members of the Council. We are here to represent your interests and welcome all feedback and input.

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