Faith Formation

Upcoming Faith Formation Events

Sunday, 2/10 after the 10:00 Mass
Making Valentines and sweets for Lincoln Green residents

Wednesday, 2/13 at 3:00 (right after school for Lin-Wood students)
Sharing Valentines and sweets with Lincoln Green residents

Saturday, 2/16 after the 4:30 Mass
Bake Sale hosted by Max Whitman and family

Check out the new collage on the “Faith Formation Wall” on the way downstairs…God bless all of you for your support!

GO Patriots!


Super Bowl Sunday is upon us! So exciting that our New England Patriots have now been to the Super Bowl, three years in a row! Not to mention a dynasty for so long now!

I mentioned that there is a parish trip planned to go to Italy this Autumn. In October 8th through the 18th, we will Discover the Shrines of Italy, guided by Collette Tours. If you are interested, please let me know, and I can get you more details. I am in the process of arranging a time for Mr. Andrew Bissette, of Collette Tours, to give us a special presentation about this trip for us. Stay tuned!
Thank you to the Knights who ran another successful Red Cross Blood Drive here in the church hall. And thank you to all who donated blood; saving lives!

We will hold our annual St. Patrick’s Dinner celebration again this year, Saturday, March 16th (Feast Day is 17th) and a celebration on the Feast of St. Joseph March 19th which celebrates our Patron Saint and welcomes any and all “New Parishioners” to the parish. Please mark your calendars…and of course, this month, we are continuing our Video Series, Bishop Barron’s Pivotal Players. Join us this Tuesday, February 5th at 6-7:30pm for an informative and fun evening.

May God continue to bless our little parish community here in the White Mountains! And May the New England Patriots Win!
Fr. Kneeland

Meet the Flock: Paula King

Meet the Flock: Paula King

Here’s a riddle: When is Paula not a King?
Answer: When she is a Queen.

You see, Paula is a cross between a Queen of Hearts and a Queen Mother. Though her surname might hint at royalty in the lineage, the comparison ends there, for Paula is not the slightest bit pretentious or uppity. If you want proof, just watch her little “subjects” who gather at her side. It is those children entrusted to her care as an educator to whom she is their “Queen Mother.” She gives her heart and soul to teaching the sweetly innocent and young upon whom she showers love, and to whom she provides nurturing comfort, guidance, discipline, and equaled compassion. Paula always stresses a rule of respect to the little ones she teaches. It is her life’s credo: “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.” Yes, it is this “Golden Rule” that she brings to the “kingdom of the classroom setting” and to her personal life. In fact, this universal truth is so prevalent in her mind and strikingly important in her estimation, that she has a Norman Rockwell poster displayed in her home that has those same sage words of wisdom superimposed upon faces of peoples of all nations and races. She has also gifted this core belief to her own children: Tyler, Cameron, and Nathan, as well as to her grandchildren: Tyson, Zana, and Zina. “It’s something we taught our kids,” Paula says. “I try to live by the teachings and rules that I learned through my religion and through my faith.” Actually, at one point in her life, she thought she wanted to be a nun, adding “I was determined I was going to be a missionary, but life took hold and took me in a different path.”

Thankfully, for our parish, life did take hold and took her to Lincoln on a different path, and with a different mission…it just took a while, and it was a circuitous path at that. Paula was born in Pennsylvania, the oldest of five children with one sister and three brothers. Up until the age of 12 when her family moved to RI, Paula and her family were part of a vibrant Catholic parish, St. Alphonsus. In RI, she attended a public junior high and then attended and graduated from a Catholic high school, Prout Memorial, so named for Sr. Mary Prout. It was there that she participated in many clubs, such as drama and music, and shared in many other activities associated with another local Catholic boys’ high school. She also enjoyed being a member of the Metronomes, a marching team, performing in local and state parades.

Paula continued to march onward with her studies, attending Holy Cross College in Worcester, starting in Pre-Med, before switching to Psychology as her major. Eventually, she earned her B.A. there, and later received a certificate in teaching. Her Master’s in Special Education from Rhode Island College was her next achievement, graduating diploma in hand from there in 1981. Upon entering the work force, she was first employed at Bradley Hospital (a psychiatric hospital in East Providence Rhode Island, well known for being on the cutting edge of autism research) before moving to Meredith in 1986. It was there she was afforded the opportunity to teach and create a Special Education preschool program at the Inter-Lakes Elementary School, a position she then held for the next 11 years. This entire time, Paula was commuting from Lincoln to Meredith, as she was then living in a small apartment in the condo that her parents owned at The Village of Loon. It was at that point in her life that she reached out to a family friend and acquaintance that they had bonded with over many ski trips to the area. That friend soon became Paula’s future husband, Bart. They married, settling in North Woodstock as their home. Then, as luck and fate would intervene, a job at Linwood Elementary School opened up for an Elementary Special Education professional, a position she has held for the past 21 years. It is there where she presently teaches the little ones she loves: preschoolers through third graders. Paula also brings that expertise into the voluntary ministry she chairs here at St. Joseph parish as the Faith Formation Director, a role which she has been involved in since Fr. Dave has been the pastor. Prior to that, she was one of the volunteer teachers in the program for approximately 20+ years, starting when her own children were in Religious Ed. At the beginning, she admits, “It gave me an excuse to be a part of their lives, but then, I really enjoyed it.” She thoughtfully muses: “God gives us certain gifts and we need to ask, what, in turn, are we going to do with those gifts? I think the gift God gave me is a passion for working with kids, and so to turn that around and continue to give it (back) is how I see it.”

She has done that—and so much more—is the way we all should see it. Just take a look at the list of her involvements and accomplishments for our parish, not to mention the fact that she juggles all of that with the duties and demands of her day job. Paula serves as the Parish Pastoral Council Chairperson, as well as being the chairperson of the annual parish Christmas Festival (a gargantuan duty in-and-of itself!) And, as if there were not enough responsibilities in those appointments, she serves as Religious Education/Faith Formation Director, coordinating activities and events for the children in the program—and there are many. Students, under her direction, have gotten to bond with the elderly residents of Lincoln Green, playing Bingo or baking and sharing seasonal cookies alongside each of them. Paula creates and organizes these happenings and others, such as the students’ annual bus field trip, this past year’s to the Shrine of Our Lady of LaSalette, in Enfield, NH. She also coordinates the bake sale fundraisers that help to financially enable an event like that to take place. Her goal for the children in the Religious Education program is simple, “I want to instill in them a love for how to live your faith, not just learn about it.” This is the reason why she also loves to see them participate in other faith-based activities such as the Living Stations at Lent, or the children’s Christmas Pageant. A prime example of this is how she feels about this year’s performance, “The Christmas Eve Mass really warmed my heart because the kids are learning about all of this, and they are participating, and they all have Elves on the Shelves and they all believe in Santa…but this is really what the story should be about, and the fact that so many of them wanted to be in that little pageant meant so much.” Also, seeing so many Moms and Dads at that Mass who went to Religious Ed with her own children gave her that same warm feeling for the faith, “It is my prayer or my hope that there is still that thread that some of them will reconnect with the Catholic church.” She continues, “So, when I see kids and families embracing an idea that we have to get the kids involved in X,Y, or Z, I’m like, YES!!! This is what it’s all about—and that’s where I get my energy from.” The goal, she explains, is “to keep the kids and families invested.”

And, to achieve that goal, requires a lot of creative ideas. “I let God sort of help me figure out ways to make that happen.” she says. Strangely, she finds that inspiration comes during Mass a lot of the time. She explains, “It is one hour a week where I just sort of let go of everything, and that’s when He inspires me. There are no distractions, no TV, no screens, or black “Day-Timer” calling me.” She definitely puts that big, black day-organizer of hers to good use, with the current enrollment in Faith Formation as it stands now at 12 families and 19 children. It certainly is a challenging task trying to keep all the kids on track for them to make their Restored Order sacraments. Yet, even with all the work and organization required of that, Paula admits she doesn’t mind staying on as the current Director, “I don’t mind doing it, unless somebody else comes along with better ideas and more energy.” She adds, “I’m always looking for ways to rejuvenate things.”

As for Paula, she rejuvenates and re-energizes her own spirit when she gets the time to relax. And, even at that, she excels, as she also brings that “Midas touch” of hers to those activities: painting, making dollhouses, gardening, and exercising at her hip-hop class. She also enjoys traveling, cooking, and watching TV and quality films with her husband, Bart, a self-professed movie buff. Oh, and, one more thing—she teaches piano—mainly to children at her home, or theirs, if, and when, appropriate. That is our Paula King, always the teacher, whose “kingdom” is the classroom, no matter where that room may be, and one whose little “subjects” always learn the Golden Rule. It is her mission in life. Guess she did become a missionary after all!

(P.S. If you would like to stay at the Kings (and Queen’s) castle, Paula and her husband, Bart, rent out a room within their home through the web-site Air B‘n’B).
–by Denise Rush
Paula’s artwork: Paula’s credo poster (reads at the bottom “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”):

Parish Capital Campaign


The Patriots Won the AFC Championship! We are going to the Super Bowl!

Okay, please join us this Tuesday and Thursday for the informative Catholic video by Bishop Barron series titled: The Pivotal Players. Tuesday we will show the video on St. Catherine of Sienna and Thursday, Bl. John Henry Newman. We will learn a bit about them, and how they have influenced the Church. It Begins at 6PM in the St. Anne Conference Room in the Church and ends at 7:30PM. It’s free, with snacks and coffee provided.

The Parish Capital Campaign is going strong. The parish is having this 3 year Capital Campaign to help replenish the expenses we incurred while fixing the front of the church. The completed project included the following: the Steeple water repairs, the Bell restoration and automation, exterior stain glass window protection glass with vents, the installation of the new elevator, new handicapped side ramp with automated door, removal of the long cement ramp, new granite steps with pavers, landscaping with lighting, and the new entryway with stairs leading into the hall from the front doors. This enormous project greatly improved the structure of the church, as well as made our church handicap accessible friendly. The elevator alone is a magnificent thing to have, especially for the many parishioners and visitors who use it. As I say: It’s only a sprained ankle away, from any one of us, needing to use it!
So, if you haven’t done so, please consider prayerfully making a pledge toward our parish’s financial stability. Cards are located near the mountain in the church and in the pews. “Thank you” to all who have stretched themselves in making a pledge toward the Parish Capital Campaign. I know that the Good Lord will abundantly bless you for your generosity.

You may have noticed, I will be distributing Holy Communion on the left side of the Altar looking out toward the pews. Not a big deal to many, but for some, major change! LOL!

In Meet the Flock, this week and last, we featured Ms. Paula King. She is our Coordinator of Faith Formation/Education in the parish, and Chairperson of the Parish Pastoral Council. We are so fortunate to have such a talented, organized, wonderful, selfless person in such leadership roles, here in the parish! Please read her write-up located as an insert in the bulletin and learn a bit about Paula. “Thank you” to Ms. Denise Rush for sharing her talented writing skills in telling Ms. King’s story!

May you have a blessed week, and for those who ski, lots of powder!
Fr. Kneeland
P.S. The Super Bowl is Sunday, February 3rd at 6:30PM LA Rams and the New England Patriots! Go Pats!

Adult Faith Formation Series


I hope you were able to get your copy of Scott Hahn’s book, Signs of Life that the parish gave away over Christmas. It’s a good read, so far, but I am only at the beginning yet.

We will begin the Bishop Robert Barron video Adult Faith Formation series, Pivotal Players this Tuesday (January 15th) evening at 6PM until 7:30PM. Each video presentation is an hour long, then we will break for coffee and snacks, followed by a brief discussion; ending at 7:30pm. All and any age are welcome to attend, all or any presentation; they are free. We will meet in the St. Anne Conference room in the church. There is a lot of buzz about this great series coming here. I join many of you with great anticipation, to see this much anticipated series. Invite a friend and join us!

The Parish Capital Campaign is going strong! Check out our progress and notice the hiking boots on our paper-mache mountain trekking ever so diligently, upward, toward our goal! If you haven’t made a crucial pledge yet, please consider doing so. Pledge cards are located in the pews, or next to the paper-mache mountain inside the church. Thank you to everyone who has stretched themselves in making a pledge, supporting our parish. The Lord will reward your generosity abundantly, I know it!

This Sunday, sadly ends our Christmas Season. I know some of you will delight that the Christmas decorations will come down…”Bah-humbug” LOL! Anyway, please consider helping out to take down the decorations after the 10am Mass this Sunday. Can you believe that I am already receiving “Easter” mailings from publications already! Yikes! Too soon! LOL!

May God continue to bless our little parish community here in the White Mountains!

Fr. Kneeland

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
As we celebrate this Sunday the Feast of the Holy Family, may we give thanks to the Good Lord for Family & Friends, the Parish Family and of course, The Holy Family: Jesus of Nazareth, his Mother, The Blessed Virgin Mary, and His foster father, Saint Joseph. They are presented to us, as the model for Christian families. Why? Well, even though they experienced many hardships as a family, for example, they fled to Egypt to escape Herod’s Massacre of the Innocents; Mary & Joseph lost their teenage son, Jesus, eventually finding Him preaching in the Temple, to name a few. Joseph & Mary always trusted in the Lord; doing the Will of the Lord. They relied on Lord through prayer and their Traditional Jewish Roots. So, as our own families may face difficulties, hardship & stress; the Holy Family points us toward placing our Trust in the Lord. So important! Pray for your family constantly, pray for your parish family, and your neighbors, invoking The Holy Family to intercede in making all our relationships happy, healthy, and holy.

I will present the next parish Faith Formation video series, Bishop Robert Barron’s Catholicism: The Pivotal Players this January, beginning Tuesday, January 15th at 6PM in the church conference room. The series will run every Tuesday & Thursday evening at 6PM throughout January. It’s free, with snacks and coffee included. You may come to all of the presentations or as many as you wish. Please spread the word and invite a friend. I know there is a lot of anticipation from many of you (myself included) in seeing this series.
One of my New Year Resolutions is to lose weight. I may go back to my Weight Watchers (which is now called “WW”…thanks Oprah! LOL!). I want to join the program that the late funny comedian, John Pinette said he belonged to: “I like Weight Watchers, but, they won’t let you buy points! So I am now part of a rogue splinter organization, where you can sell and buy points in a secondary market, as needed.” LOL!

May you and your family have a blessed 2019!
Fr. Kneeland

Merry Christmas


Thank you to everyone who made the Parish Christmas Fair/Festival Dinner a big success! Especially Paula King, our Chairperson! Thank You to the Chefs David & Patty Paradis, who prepared and cooked a delicious roast beef dinner for over a 100 people (sold out event, 120 tickets/seats sold)! Their helpers: Johnny & Lorraine Logiudice, who have no more knuckles from peeling vegetables! Haha! Marty Nastasia and Lee Latham who washed all those dishes! Along with the pots and pans and dishpan hands! And Doug Sweeney who helped dry. The smiling food servers: Patty Paradis, Lorraine Logiudice , Denise Rush… the Bake Sale organizers: Cecile Eisenhauer and Betty Webster. Peter Eisenhauer who advertised the event by putting posters everywhere, and handled the 50/50 raffle! Peggy & Fred Mehrmann who helped with decorations, and planned the hall logistics. Thank You to the parents and kids of Faith Formation & Matt Wright in helping to decorate the hall. Thank You to the music singers, Margaret Sweeney, Claire & Colin McIver and Vicky Etchings. Thank You to Nancy Bujeaud who handled all the money, we called her affectionately, Ms. Money Bags! Stuart & Annie Anderson, Millie Berry and Delia Sullivan for chipping in where needed and in helping the cleaning crew. Thank You to all who donated delicious baked goods, and gave nice items for the raffle drawings…and lastly, to Santa too (who told those on the “Naughty” list, that there’s always time for improvement)!
Thank you to those who helped with the Parish Big Raffle! Especially the Chairpersons: Eddie Rush and Marty Nastasia! Paula & Bart King for supplying the tickets. Helpers who sold the tickets: Eddie & Denise Rush, Marty Nastasia, Nancy Sweeney, Gloria Morin, Warren & Pat Bahr, Maria Schirduan, Nancy Bujeaud, Annie & Stuart Anderson, Paula King, Betty Webster and Delia Sullivan. Thank You also to all who purchased a ticket!

I hope I didn’t forget anyone. I know many of you who are mentioned did more than one task. Thank You to all who served on the Christmas Planning Committee! What a success at making the parish flourish in love and fellowship! May God bless you all abundantly!
Thank You to all who donated toward this year’s Giving Tree, helping local families in need through the Rotary Club. And Thank You to all who donated food for the local Food Pantry, and the Knights for matching donations through their 12 Days Program!

Check out our Capital Campaign/ Faith Raising Mountain located near the poor box in the church, and see the new “Christmas boots” trekking up the mountain, showing our progress. Also see Santa and his Reindeer “flying” across the sky over the mountain! The campaign is going strong! If you haven’t pledged, please consider making a pledge. If you pledged, but haven’t begun, please contact the office and we will help you set it up! Thank You to everyone who has stretched and is making this Parish Faith Raising drive a success!

This week we celebrate the greatest gift we could ever receive, Jesus Christ, the Son of God. May we always remember in our celebrations, that Jesus is the Reason for the Season! Take time to pray and give thanks for all the blessings in life, especially the gift of Faith!

On behalf of the office staff, the Parish Council, the Finance Council, myself, we wish you and your family a blessed and joyful Christmas Season.

Fr. Kneeland

Happy Birthday Rita 100 Years!


THANK YOU to everyone who had a hand in making this year’s Parish Christmas Festival Dinner a huge success! A fun, delicious, delightful time was had by all! (A more in-depth “thank you” will be in next week’s bulletin!)

Join us in celebrating Rita Tamulonis’ 100th Birthday! This Sunday, December 16 after the 10 AM Mass, in the church hall, we will have cake and coffee to celebrate this special achievement! If you wish, please bring a scratch ticket of any amount and/or an index card/note with prayer intention for Rita written on it. All cards and tickets will be collected in a basket located in front of the
podium, made available at all 3 Masses, and at the event itself. Happy Birthday Rita! We love you! You are a remarkable person!

Find time this weekend to see The Christmas Carol, at Jean’s Playhouse here in Lincoln. The Parish has sponsored this musical. It is shown only this weekend; 3 shows: Saturday, December 15 @ 2:00 & 7:30 PM, Sunday December 16 @ 2:00 PM. It will take the “Bah-humbug” out of anyone!

I attended the Pemigewasset Choral Society Christmas Concert at the Plymouth University Silver Theater. It was beautiful! Some of our own were there! In the choir: Anita Ross, Logan Ross, and Olivia Etchings. Claire McIver (the parish’s Director of the Children’s Christmas choir) is the manager of the Silver Theater, and many parishioners were in attendance at the full theater. The singing was lovely!

Come this Tuesday to the Parish’s Advent Penance Service. I will be in the Confessional Room, December 18 @ 5:30PM until 6:30PM. Stop by!

The Knights of Columbus has a program to help fill the shelves in the local Food Pantry. It is called, The 12 days of Christmas Food Drive. The plan is to donate 12 needed staples from the list (sheet located near bulletins) through the duration of Christmastide; and the Knights will match (up to $500) of all donated goods. Please place your goods on the table in the church downstairs located near the side (parking lot) door.

Thank you to all who have donated gifts for the needy, from the Giving Tree. The Rotary Club Community Chest collects and wraps all the gifts, making sure they are given to the right families in need. They do a fantastic service to the surrounding communities. May God Bless them, the families who are helped, and you who gave!

Fr. Kneeland
P.S. The color vestment I wear for this 3rd Sunday of Advent (called Gaudete/Joyful Sunday) is Rose…not Pink. LOL!

Faith Formation

Faith Formation update

The Faith Formation students and their families were busy! On Tuesday (11/27), they made Advent logs for their families and sprays for Lincoln Green residents at the Holtzmans’ barn. Thank you to Ernie Holtzman, Annie and Stuart Anderson, and Ellie Harvey and her daughters for their hospitality! With their help, we made some amazing creations for our families and our new family at Lincoln Green!
On Thursday (11/29), we hung the sprays at Lincoln Green and made crafts with the residents. Special thanks to Xena Bartlett for helping us make cookies to share with the kids and residents!

Letter from a Parishoner


As I sit to write this column, I received this wonderful e-mail message from a parishioner who attended the recent bus trip to La Salette. I want to share it with you, because it says a lot about you, our parish, and our loving community here at St. Joseph’s!

Dear Father David,
What an experience we had going to La Salette Shrine yesterday. As you know this is our 2nd residence, Lincoln NH. Saint Joseph is our home away from home Parish but we always felt welcomed by you Fr David. The trip yesterday showed the true spirit of welcoming, community and spirituality. When Bob and I left the evening I said this is what all Catholic Parishes should be! I was amazed to have the delicious luncheon on the bus ride to the Shrine- from homemade sandwiches and cookies to beverages- hot and cold- the food and presentation -awesome. Thank you David and Patti. Thank you Lorraine and Cathy for serving. Fr David you on the bus made it so special. The Christmas Concert and Mass was what Bob and I both needed and an awesome way to start the Advent season. The ride home- singing carols with the music ended a wonderful evening. Thank you Knights of Columbus. Going on the bus to the La Salette Shrine as a community made it! –Angela & Bob DiTucci.

The new music Mass parts are beautiful. Thanks to our music director, Margaret Sweeney, for implementing this new music to the liturgy. I find it very smooth and elegant. Thank you to all those in the music ministry who share their gifts with the community! All kids are welcome to join the “kids choir” who will sing at the 4pm Christmas Eve Mass. Please contact Paula King or the office for more info!

We are celebrating two big Birthday’s in the community this month. Granddad Arthur L. Gross (Anita Ross’ dad) turned 90 years young this December 4th and Rita Tamulonis will turn 100 years young December 15th. Blessed and Happy Birthdays to you both!

Check out our Capital Campaign Mountain located near the poor box in the church and see the new Christmas boots trekking up the mountain, along with Santa and Reindeer “flying” across the sky! The campaign is going strong! If you haven’t pledged, please consider making a pledge. If you pledged, but haven’t begun, please contact the office and we will help you set it up!

Thank you to Annie Anderson for decorating the mountain! Her dad, Ernie Holtzman, for letting us use his barn to make Christmas sprays and wreaths to decorate the Lincoln Green. We are so appreciative!

Lastly, the Pemi Choral Society is having a concert “When Icicles Hang” at the Plymouth State University in the Silver Center, on December 9th at 3pm. Seats are $15 per person, $9 for Seniors and youth. I’m sure it will be nice and put you in a festive mood!

Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus! Blessed Advent!
Fr. Kneeland