Faith Formation Update & Advent Gathering

The children continue to use on-line lessons at home to learn about their faith. The children have reported that “the lessons aren’t too hard and the games are cool!” Parents are having conversations with their children when questions about the lessons or our faith come up, so everyone is learning. As time goes on, initial concerns and hesitation about on-line learning are dissipating. As Pope Francis said…

The digital world can be an environment rich in humanity; a network not of wires but of people… Christian witness, thanks to the internet, can thereby reach the peripheries of human existence.”

In addition to the home-based learning, we’ve had two multi-age gatherings so far, and the next gathering is planned for Tuesday, December 1 from 5:30 until 7:00. We’ll be learning about Advent and how to get ready for the celebration of Jesus’ birth and the start of a new Liturgical year. Each student will be making and taking home their own Advent wreath. Thank you to the Andersons and Ernie Holtzman for their support and help with this project! As always, we’ll have yummy snacks and share what we’re learning at home in our small groups.

We invite parishioners to join us so you can see what we’re doing and hear what we’re learning about!

Religious Education & Confirmation

Faith Formation Program (Religious Education)

The Faith Formation Program (formerly know as Religious Education, CCD, and/or “church school” as some of the children called it) is up and running! Due to low enrollment and a shortage of teachers, the parish has adopted a model that literally “flips the classroom”. It has the students using a web-based program to learn the content of our current curriculum at home and gathers monthly to give the students an opportunity to share what they have learned, develop a deeper understanding of the Church’s teachings, and participate in fellowship and child-centered activities designed to deepen their faith.

Our first monthly meeting will be Tuesday evening, October 6 from 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm. We will be celebrating the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and teaching the children how to say the rosary. You are invited to join us! If you have any questions or know of students who still need to enroll, please contact Father Dave or Paula King (348-8166).

Confirmation Program

The Confirmation Program for students in grades 8-12 will begin classes on Sunday, September 27 and will meet every other Sunday. For a complete syllabus and calendar of classes, please contact Paula King (348-8166).