Welcome to St Joseph’s Church of Lincoln, New Hampshire.

A reminder that Bishop Libasci has not yet announced the resumption of public celebrations of Mass in New Hampshire. Catholic parishes in this Diocese will be distributing the Holy Eucharist beginning either this weekend (May 23/24) or next weekend (May 30/31). Parishioners should check with their local parishes for information about the times when this will occur. The Bishop will continue to consult further information from federal, state, and local public health authorities in the course of his decision-making regarding  when and how public celebrations of Mass will resume.

The church will be open for all to worship privately if they choose. Streamed Masses can be accessed by going to catholicnh.org.

Dear Parishioners,

I am Fr. Eddy N. Bisson, a senior priest of the diocese. Some of you may remember me from when I was appointed administrator from April 1, to April 27, 2011.  This time I am appointed administrator as of April 2, 2020 in order to provide for the parish while Fr. Elson tends to personal matters. Please continue to pray for Fr. Elson.

At this time, while we are still under strictures because of covid-19, I will come up twice a week to celebrate Mass: on Sundays and Wednesdays on which day I will take care of parish business. We will try to have the telephone set up in order that it might be accessed remotely. You may also contact me by email at ebisson@rcbm.org.    

As for general communications, it would seem that the website and bulletins through the parish email list would be the best means at this time. It would be good also at this time, to mention that the announced Mass intentions are being satisfied privately at the bishop’s request. We will announce the names and dates in our periodic communications as the Mass obligations are satisfied. As we enter into this most Holy Season, let us keep one another in prayers, especially all those greatly affected by the current pandemic. Prayers and Blessing

— Fr Eddy

Notice For Seniors: Grocery Service.
Do you need help with groceries? Send your shopping list and phone number or email to stjlincoln@gmail.com and we can shop and bring groceries to you Sunday – Tuesday.

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