Please Pray for the Sick

Kaila Hajjar,Kelly Paradis Patts, Mary Driscoll, Elizabeth Faherty, Helen Gilman, Kurt (KC) Christiensen, Adele Kane, Nancy Garcia, Anne McDonald, Caroline        McKinnon, Gloria Morin, Jean Davidson, Betty Webster, Gil Bossie, Lee Latham, Janina Golia, Tara Lydon, Amy Maki, Arnold  Parker, Louise Sewell, Darlene Pitcher, Evelyn Crisp Decker, Johnny Pironti, Laurie Mason, Anne Paino, Lynn Wiley, Marion Cloutier, Charlie Harrington, Declan Peters, Martha Lynch, Krissy Thompson, Tom Sherbinski, Edward Pieroni, Marie Ciechanowski, Craig Whitman, Edward S. Kurz, Wayne Goulet

       If you are in the hospital or a care facility, or if homebound, and you would like a visit from a Priest or Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, please call the parish office at 603-745-2266, or email us at:  Also, be sure to notify the hospital staff that you are a Roman Catholic and a member of St. Joseph’s Parish.

To add or remove a person, please call the rectory.