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Faith Formation

Faith Formation News

The Faith Formation program celebrated the students’ and families’ hard work this past year with a pool party and take-out dinner from area restaurants. The water balloon toss was hilarious fun! We finished the evening with a visit to a local ice cream stand! 

Last year, four students received the sacraments of Confirmation and First Eucharist; two received the sacrament of First Reconciliation; and one student completed her sixth year of lessons. All the students completed the content for their grade level by attending in-person and/or on-line lessons. Thank you to the parents and families who supported the children and made sure they stayed up-to-date on their lessons!

The celebration was funded with proceeds of the bake sale held over Memorial Day weekend. So much money was raised, we were able to purchase seasonal garden flags for the St. Francis garden and make monetary donations to the local food pantry and the NH Humane Society. Thank you to everyone who made the fundraiser so successful!

As we get ready to start a new year of Faith Formation, please keep our students and families in your prayers. With your help and support, our children can grow in their understanding of God’s love for them and learn how they can help spread the Good News through their actions.

If you have or know of a family that has a child(ren) in grades 1-6, please have them contact the rectory so they can register for the 2022-23 program.

Thank you again for all your support!

Paula King

Faith Formation News

Please keep in your prayers, Raylynne Shamberger and Sophia Schirduan as they prepare for First Reconciliation on May 26, 2022.

Also, prayers for Ollie Bujeaud, Max Fabrizio, Nolan Haynes , and Owen Schirduan as they prepare for Confirmation and First Eucharist on June 10, 2022 at 6 PM.


Faith Formation students will be holding a bake sale before and after Masses on May 28 & 29.  Proceeds from the sale will fund our end-of-year celebration.  Thank you for your support!


Paula King and the students of the St. Joseph Parish Faith Formation Program will lead “The Way of the Cross for Children” at 5:00 P.M. on Friday, April 1, 2022.  Please feel free to bring your children and grandchildren to join the students of the parish in prayer.  All are welcome to attend!

“Many Hands Make Light Work”

This familiar saying comes from Exodus 31, and describes how the ancient Israelites assembled materials and laborers to provide for adequate worship to God in the Jerusalem Temple.  Along these same lines, we are most grateful to the students in our parish’s Faith Formation Program for donating their time and energy on Sunday, November 21, to replace in the church pews the 2021 “Breaking Bread” missalettes with the 2022 editions.  Working together, they proved, indeed, that many hands make light work!

Faith Formation Update

Periodically, you will notice the children in our Faith Formation Program and their families greeting you as you arrive for Holy Mass, helping with the offertory collection, and handing you a bulletin as you go out to spread the Good News.  Our students are learning about hospitality and stewardship as part of their process of Christian formation and service to their parish community.  Please receive them as they, in turn, receive you!      

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