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Easter Contributions

We are very grateful to those who contributed to provide such beautiful flowers for our Easter celebrations. While many donations were given anonymously, many were offered in memory of family members and other loved ones. May they be remembered in our prayers of gratitude.

Donor: In Memory/Honor of Patrick and Christine Walsh: For Mary and Joseph, For our Lord, Jesus Christ, for all the people that died in wars, disasters, famine, illnesses, murders, from pain and suffering.
Ray and Jane Maki: Deceased members of the Hajjar and Maki Families.
Letitia Steward: Anna Stewart, George Stewart, Michael Stewart,
Margrett Ferrera, Gus Ferrera.
Patricia Hamdan: F. Hamdan, M.D., W. Hamdan,
Patricia Yagielowicz, Jenny Yagielowicz, Placido Arango.
Rose Marie Henderson: Ciarleglio Family, Henderson Family, Zito Family.
Janet Peltier: Herman and Helen Cadorette, Claire Cadorette Ward.
Mary Pieroni: Michael and Mary Iarocci, Albert and Cecilia Pieroni, Eugenio Muscatelli, Nicolena Octavio, Pauline Pieroni, Luigi and Lena Iarocci, Angelo Pezzo, Amato and Emma Iadicola,
Thomas and Michelina Muscatelli, Ed and Isabelle Rafferty, Marguerite Lemieux. Barbara Vitale: Michael Vitale, The Young Family, The Laleme Family.
Nancy Bujeaud: Claire Bujeaud, Jim Bujeaud.
Nathan and Nina Haynes: Joseph and Mabel Lehouillier, Irving and Helena Haynes
. Rae Perron: Aime J. Perron, Clough Family, Macedo Family, Perron Family, Eric Johnson, Barbara Eiserlo.
Laura Laufenberg: Joseph W. Laufenberg, Jr. Genevieve Laufenberg: Joseph W. Laufenberg, Craig Fleming.
Quentin and Judy Boyle: Sam Boyle.
Doug and Margaret Sweeney: Robert, Sr. and Marianne Loranger, John and Lillian Sweeney, Mary Moniz.
Patricia Guitelli: Guitelli Family.
Paula Strickon: Ivan Strickon
Jan and Grazyna Wolowski: Deceased Wolowski Family, Deceased Jedrzejewski Family, Deceased Zdrojewski Family, Deceased Golik Family, Deceased Horosz Family, Deceased Jarek Family, All Souls in Purgatory.
Karen and Brian Gallagher: Rita Gallagher, Vincent Gallagher, Mary Frances Schlaefer, Dick Schlaefer.
Ed and Margie Rody: Joseph and Margaret Misesico, George and Helen Rody. Bill and Jo-Ann Burdin: Kathleen T. and Masahisa Hijikata, Richard W. Burdin, William C. and Eleanor M. Burdin, Joseph R. and Anna T. Redgrift, Jolyn E. Burdin.
Ed and Priscilla Growney: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Growney, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McDonough, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kelly, Buddy Webb.
Anonymous: Max and Helen Archambault, Donald W. Amos;
William A. Rice, Thomas J. Rice; Thomas P. Callahan, Jr.; Robert Emmett Joyce.

Continued blessings of the Easter Season to all,
Fr. John Mahoney

Safe Environment

Diocese of Manchester
How to Report Suspected Abuse:.

If you know of or suspect abuse or neglect of a minor (a    person under 18), you must report it to the NH Division for Children, Youth and Families at 1-800-894-5533 or 603-271-6556. 
As an employee or volunteer in the Catholic Church in New Hampshire, in addition to reporting to DCYF, if you know of  or suspect sexual abuse of a minor by Church personnel you must also report it to:

· Local law enforcement and the Delegate for Ministerial Conduct if the abuse involves a minor.

· Delegate for Ministerial Conduct if the abuse involves a person who is no longer a minor
·Delegate for Ministerial Conduct – 603-669-3100
Parish Safe Environment Coordinator: Paula King – peking@together.n

Bishop Libasci Letter


On April 10, 2024, the Diocese of Manchester added three priests to its list of clergy accused of  sexual abuse of a minor as part of its continuing effort and commitment to protecting children  and young people. The information, assignment histories, and additional resources are available  at

Reverend George Desjardins has been listed on the Restoring Trust website under the category  “Cases Concluded” for a report of abuse that took place more than forty years ago that was  received recently. Fr. Desjardins is alive and has been retired since 2002. He is prohibited from  ministry.

Reverend Matthew Schultz has been listed on the Restoring Trust website under the category  “Cases in Process,” which are cases involving living Diocesan priests, but where the canonical  proceedings are not yet complete. Fr. Schultz is prohibited from ministry. Out of respect for those  involved and because the case is still in process, no further information will be disclosed at this  time.

Reverend André Thibodeau has been listed on the Restoring Trust website of the Diocese of  Manchester as a Deceased Priest accused of sexual abuse of a minor for a report received after  his death. Fr. Thibodeau died in 2015. 

Law enforcement has been notified of the reports concerning all three priests. Whenever it  becomes aware of a report of sexual abuse of a minor by a priest, deacon, diocesan employee, or  volunteer, the Diocese ensures that the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office is notified,  even if the misconduct took place many years ago.

Anyone with information pertaining to sexual abuse in the Church is encouraged to make a  report to law enforcement. For information on how to report abuse, to request counseling or  other services, or to learn more about how the Diocese of Manchester works to create a safe  environment in all our ministries, visit

Christ is Risen!  Alleluia!    

Dear Parishioners and Friends in Christ,

Happy Easter to you all in this most joyful season of Christ’s victory over sin and death!

Together, let us express our gratitude to all those who assisted in making our Lenten, Holy Week, and  Easter Liturgies so meaningful and beautiful. Thanks, especially, to our Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Greeters, Collectors, Music Ministers, Sacristan/Servers, the fellowship members who transported the flowers to the upper church, and the team of volunteers who decorated so beautifully and reverently the worship spaces.  A special word of thanks to the Faith Formation teachers and students for leading the Children’s Way of the Cross, and for assembling the Easter gift bags for the children of the parish.  The simple dinner of soup and bread,  provided by the Maki Family to those who attended the Children’s Way of the Cross, reminded us of our Lenten sacrifice to God’s poor children.

Most of all, I thank you, the parish community of St. Joseph, as well as those visitors who join us frequently and support our good efforts here in Lincoln. Your active participation and increased attendance during the Lenten Masses, Stations of the Cross, the Triduum, and Easter Sunday Masses was truly inspiring!  I was particularly pleased to see a 20% increase in attendance this year for the Triduum and Easter Masses, and so many of our children and young people accompanying their parents to all the liturgies. 

May this Easter Season fill you with abundant joy, renewed hope, and a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  May we all experience the Peace of the Risen Lord Jesus in our relationships with God, with one another, and in our own hearts.  “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad!”

With prayerful best wishes,

Fr. John Mahoney

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