On Mother’s Day, the following special intentions were requested in prayerful memory of our beloved mothers, both living and deceased:

Barbara Labreque, Mabel Lehouillier, Helena Haynes, Eva Connery, Claire Bujeaud, Lucienne Bujeaud, Rae Clough, Urania Macedo, Tia Paiva, Agnes Betakova, Dominika Murgasova, Marie Betakova, Helena Stefancova, Peggy McGovern, Mary Theresa, All living and past moms, All souls in purgatory, All Wolowski family, Protection from Covid in business, Health of Body and Soul, Margit Hunsdoofer, Marion Walsh, Margot Hunsdoofer, Laura Boyle, Grace Boyle, Blanche Boyle, Mary Boyle, Sandra Borgnis, Shirley Leclerc, Elizabeth Whitman.

Mothers hold their children’s hands for awhile but their hearts forever