Saturday, September 3       4:30 PM   Patty Papio                                                      
By:  Rilda Seletz                                             

Sunday, September 4

  7:30 AM The People of the Parish                                      
10:00 AM Neil and Marcia Mullaney                                    
By:  Millie Berry

Wednesday, September 7 8:00 AM Marshall Young
By:  Susan Whitman         

Thursday, September 8  8:00 AM Monsignor Norman Bolduc

Friday, September 9 8:00 AM Patty Papio
By:  Ray and Jane Maki

Saturday, September 10   4:30 PM Etienne Poirier
By:  Susan Whitman

Sunday, September 11

  7:30 AM Huguette Dumont
By:  Jean-Marc
10:00 AM The People of the Parish