Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day!

We have a small gift for all Dads this weekend at each Mass. It’s a leather wrist band sporting a metal cross. It’s pretty cool. I hope you wear it and be reminded how much the Lord Jesus loves you. St. Joseph, patron saint of
Fathers, pray for all our dads!

“Thank you” to both Cindy & Paul Standing and Elaine & Ed Whitlock who volunteer to beautify the corners of the church parking lot with flowers, transforming them into beautiful flower gardens. I have received so many compliments from parishioners, visitors, and neighbors alike. Thanks again on behalf of the parish!

It was a pleasure attending the Religious Education Field Trip with the kids. We visited the La Salette shrine in Enfield, NH. Fr. John Sullivan, the director of the shrine, explained the Apparition of Our Lady in La Salette, France to us, all the while walking the
picturesque grounds at the Shrine. The weather that day was perfect. We stopped for pizza, ice cream, and ended the day at the Hobo in town, for a round of Mini-golf. I even got a hole-in-one…woot! Thank you to everyone who made the bus trip possible, baking goods for the bake sales, and/or through purchasing the goods.

Thank you to all who donated toward our Knights of Columbus Diaper Drive to help support struggling young mothers and families through the Haven Pregnancy Center. Our “new” parish Knights Council have done so much good in the community in just the short two years of its “new” resurrection. The 30 member strong group has sponsored and worked the tables at the bi-monthly Red Cross Blood Drives held here in the church hall, they’ve raised funds to help organizations that help the mentally disadvantaged, and did some manual labor for the parish by moving furniture /various projects, and they’ve delivered over 500lbs of food for the Food Pantry, just to name a few. Kudos goes out to the leadership of Past Grand Knight, John McGovern and Current Grand Knight, David Paradis and all its members! Please consider joining our group! You must be a practicing Catholic man, 18 years or older, and enjoy smiling. Okay, I added that last bit. We meet every third Thursday evening beginning with Mass at 5pm,(optional) social and dinner at 5:30pm (optional) and business meeting begins at 6:30pm. I am the Council Chaplain, and “acting” Recorder (the person who takes notes during the meeting).However, I would be so happy to pass the torch (pen) to a new member! Haha…

Fr. Kneeland