Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
As we celebrate this Sunday the Feast of the Holy Family, may we give thanks to the Good Lord for Family & Friends, the Parish Family and of course, The Holy Family: Jesus of Nazareth, his Mother, The Blessed Virgin Mary, and His foster father, Saint Joseph. They are presented to us, as the model for Christian families. Why? Well, even though they experienced many hardships as a family, for example, they fled to Egypt to escape Herod’s Massacre of the Innocents; Mary & Joseph lost their teenage son, Jesus, eventually finding Him preaching in the Temple, to name a few. Joseph & Mary always trusted in the Lord; doing the Will of the Lord. They relied on Lord through prayer and their Traditional Jewish Roots. So, as our own families may face difficulties, hardship & stress; the Holy Family points us toward placing our Trust in the Lord. So important! Pray for your family constantly, pray for your parish family, and your neighbors, invoking The Holy Family to intercede in making all our relationships happy, healthy, and holy.

I will present the next parish Faith Formation video series, Bishop Robert Barron’s Catholicism: The Pivotal Players this January, beginning Tuesday, January 15th at 6PM in the church conference room. The series will run every Tuesday & Thursday evening at 6PM throughout January. It’s free, with snacks and coffee included. You may come to all of the presentations or as many as you wish. Please spread the word and invite a friend. I know there is a lot of anticipation from many of you (myself included) in seeing this series.
One of my New Year Resolutions is to lose weight. I may go back to my Weight Watchers (which is now called “WW”…thanks Oprah! LOL!). I want to join the program that the late funny comedian, John Pinette said he belonged to: “I like Weight Watchers, but, they won’t let you buy points! So I am now part of a rogue splinter organization, where you can sell and buy points in a secondary market, as needed.” LOL!

May you and your family have a blessed 2019!
Fr. Kneeland