Beloved Saint Joseph Parishioners and Visiting Parishioners,

Some of you may feel lost without our Shepard “Father David”, some of you are wandering around like lost sheep from their flock. Wondering what will happen, the unknown of what is to come. Remember, we are not alone. God is in your heart, in all our hearts. Father David’s love is embedded into our hearts as well and with that we will get through this Journey. Those we love never leave us, they guide us from their teachings. Granting us peace and comfort from what we have learned from their spirit in Christ. We must go forward one step at a time and respect one another. We should strive to do our best, what’s right. Just as God wants us to. We are all Brothers and Sisters in God. Our Worldly bodies are not perfect. To judge is not for us, but is probably one of the hardest things for us human beings not to do. We all will one day be judged by our Maker no matter who we are or what our worth is. Tempus fugit, Memento Mori.

Father David is like a Teddy Bear to most who knew him. He had Big arms that wrap around everyone, no matter who walked through the doors at Saint Joseph and how many. His arms somehow managed to get around everybody. He held us together with his true loving heart and his big laugh. He will never be forgotten. Some of us will wander away for a while or may not return, and that’s ok.  One thing we will all have is Father David’s love within us, wherever we may be. We will have his great Catholic teachings of Jesus Christ and remember what he taught us.

Saint Joseph has stood the test of time, has been through many trials and tribulations. I believe though it was never led by such a loving Priest full of Life, unconditional Love and the Holy Spirit as Father David.  That my friends is what will make this Saint Joseph Church grow, go forward and stay united in Christ’s faith. Stay strong, trust in God’s Holy Spirit more than your Feelings. This will throw the Devil spirts off of you, because Goodness outweighs evil every day of the week.