We read in the Gospel (Luke 23:3), when Pilate asked Jesus: “are you the king of the Jews”? And He answered him, “you have said so”. Then He proceeds on saying His vision about a kingdom and king, making known how the authorities should exercise their power to the people and how they should be model for others keeping up the expectations. A king should be a true leader and a role model and should work tirelessly for the betterment of the humanity that is entrusted to them, and makes the differences in the life of the people by creating a good atmosphere to live. All these characteristics are very visible in the life of Jesus. That is why we call Him Christ the King, King of the Universe. As we know we are in the last week of our liturgical calendar acknowledging the solemnity of Christ the King. By this great solemnity of Christ the King Church is leading us to the season of Advent. This solemnity reminds me about our leaders all over the world, and how they act when they are in Power. Many of them are just opposite of our Christ the King. They are often self-centered and selfish, and don’t see that their power is truly used for the good of the humanity and the entire universe. The lack of timely actions of the leaders can result with drastic changes in the nature, world and the entire cosmos. This is very visible now when we look around. Sometimes I wonder where are we heading to?
What are we going to accomplish by perishing the most valuable things in life and in the world which God created for good? Are we really promoting the human life, values and making our universe a better place to live or inviting troubles and calamities because of our selfishness? Here we have to look at our Christ the King and need to get the directions and inspirations. Because He ruled the world so peacefully with his profound knowledge and wisdom, He brought justice to the people, and He respected every kind of life on the earth knowing the needs of everybody. He did not have a particular kingdom to claim for here on Earth; He did not have a golden crown with jewels on it though he received a crown with thorns by his contemporaries. No one has given Him a throne but his own people gave Him a big cross to carry. But despite of all these He lived the word KING so profoundly and truly knowing the mind of the people, and their struggles, even lived among them as poor wearing ordinary dress and walking bare foot miles and miles. He established justice for the people and gave many new insights to live by. Now Jesus wants you to be the king of your lives. He is not an imperious ruler who uses and abuses His subjects, but a loving king who desires what is best for the entire humanity.
Jesus invites you to serve Him as your King. This means loving Him with all your mind, heart, soul and body then you will lead yourself to a joy filled life. May Christ the King bless your lives.