In these times of uncertainty, I write to assure you that I will continue to say Mass and fulfill the intentions of Mass everyday for you and our people. Even though the operations and administration of the parish are limited, we unfortunately still have our bills to pay. Even though I truly would rather have our community here, I must still work to heat or cool the church, pay the salaries of the employees, buy groceries for the rectory, and all the other myriad items in the budget. According to national studies, the average Catholic gives to his/her parish 40 out of 52 weeks per year, when you count all the times they’re on vacation, home sick, unable to attend Mass due to weather, traveling for work – which doesn’t even take into account our current situation of being homebound. Even if no one increased the amount they normally give per Sunday by a cent, but began to give intentionally through online offertory, we would have 30% more funds to get us through these difficult weeks. If you haven’t already transitioned to online giving, please consider doing so as soon as possible. Online giving will really help our parish right now. Because it is automatic, even when you are not here, you can continue your weekly support of the parish. A couple of years ago, it seemed every weekend was another big storm that prevented a lot of people from getting to Mass on Sunday and our parish was financially affected. I hope to avoid that situation for our parish now. St. Joseph offers online donations and giving opportunities directly from our website. Easily make a secure donation via electronic check or debit/credit card by visiting parish website. You can even take care of a missed gift immediately from a cell phone, or set up an online donor account for regular automatic giving. Online giving has been a proven success for many parishes, schools, and dioceses. Plus, it makes for safer record-keeping, faster processing, and more efficient communication at the parish office. I ask you to prayerfully recommit to the desire of sharing your gifts with greater ease and convenience. Thank you for your continued generosity, prayers, and participation in the ministry and mission of St. Joseph Church.  Your efforts make so many things possible for our parish, community, and Church. I pray for all of you during this time of hideous Covid 19 pandemic, and assure you my prayers and spiritual support, that you can contact me at any time with questions or concerns. God bless!