Hello all!
Thanks to everyone for your support and input over the
last few weeks. We have learned a lot and have
developed an orderly and safe way to celebrate the
Eucharist in our Parish. We will continue to offer a
10:00 Mass on Sundays as we have yet to reach capacity
or had to turn anyone away. Once Father Mahoney
comes on board, however (7/27/20), we will need to
ramp up to our regular schedule of Masses.
With that said, we need to come up with a schedule to be
sure we have enough people to manage our parishioners
and visitors at every Mass so everyone feels safe and
welcome. We have found that a “crew” of at least four,
preferably five, people are needed to manage the 10:00
Mass. Fewer will be needed at a 7:30 Mass, but I suspect
a 4:30 Mass will be as well attended (if not more so)
than the recent 10:00 Masses. The crews break down as
One usher as greeter / counter. This same person can
hand out bulletins at the end of Mass.
Two ushers to seat people in the main congregation and
one to seat people in the balcony (if needed). These same
ushers would be responsible for dismissing people for
the distribution of Communion.
One usher downstairs at the end of Mass to keep an eye
on the collection basket and hand out bulletins.
One usher to wipe down the elevator between use and
keep an eye on the collection basket at the top of the
We also need one Extraordinary Minister and a lector for
each Mass.
At the end of Mass, everyone would be asked to help
spray down the pews and kneelers, as well as other hard
surfaces people may have touched (railings, for
example). If everyone helps, it only takes about 10-15
If you can help, please let me know. If you have a
preference for a particular Mass, please let me know.
Also, if there are dates you won’t be here, let me know
that as well. I will come up with a schedule and get back
to everyone.
Again, that you for all your support.