Friday, August 7  8:00 AM Marguerite Desjardins
1 yr. anniversary By The Parish
Saturday, August 8 4:30 PM Mary Jane & Clement Comesana Sr. By Ronnie Comesana
Sunday, August 9   
7:30 AM  For the Intentions of all Parishioners
10:00 AM Jim Bujeaud By Susan Whitman
Wednesday, August 12 8:00 AM Barbara Marion Hadley
By Shelley E. Thompson
Thursday, August 13 8:00 AM Rev. Leo Shea By Peter & Carol
Friday, August 14  8:00 AM Paul Hajjar By Jane & Ray Maki
Saturday, August 15 4:30 PM THE ASSUMPTION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY Maree Doherty Lagasse
By Stephen & Barbara Loughman
Sunday, August 16
7:30 AM For the Intentions of all Parishioner
10:00 AM Pat & Warren Bahr (Living)
40th Wedding Anniversary By Pat Bahr