Saturday, November 14  4:30 PM Michael Leclerc
Birthday Remembrance By Susan Whitman
Sunday, November 15            
  7:30 AM  John & Alice Mosco By Peter & Carol
10:00 AM For the People of the Parish
Wednesday, November 18 8:00 AM Maria Smith
By The Parish
Thursday, November 19 8:00 AM John F. Clancy
5th year Anniversary By his Family
Friday, November 20 8:00 AM  Michael Zakrewski
By Tom Ortowski
Saturday, November 21 4:30 PM Bridgette Brown Gardner (Living) Happy Birthday! By Dr. Herb
Sunday, November 22
7:30 AM  For the People of the Parish
10:00 AM James F. Rush 11th year Anniversary
By Denise & Eddie Rush