Saturday, April 3    7:30 PM Easter Vigil For the People of the Parish

Sunday, April 4     Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord
7:30 AM Herta Sutton                                                          
By Thomas Sutton
10:00 AM Sam Boyle                                                           
By Quent Boyle

Wednesday, April 7 8:00 AM Martin Wallum
By The Wolowski Family

Thursday, April 8 8:00 AM Joseph & Dorothy Goulet
By Wayne Goulet

Friday, April 9 8:00 AM Alice Andrade
By Wayne Goulet

Saturday, April 10 4:30 PM Evangelization of the Human Race
By Tom Ortowski

Sunday, April 11    
7:30 AM For the People of the Parish  
10:00 AM Tina Sutton
By Ted Sutton