Saturday, May 15    4:30 PM Jim Lahey (Living)
By Ronnie Comesana

Sunday, May 16                                                 
7:30 AM Mary Govoni                                                       
By Peter & Carol

10:00 AM For the people of the Parish                                      

Wednesday, May 19 8:00 AM Janek Nowak
By The Wolowski Family

Thursday, May 20 8:00 AM Angela Duquette
By Gene Duquette

Friday, May 21 8:00 AM The Wolowski Family (Living)
By Jan Wolowski

Saturday, May 22 4:30 PM Julie Lagasse
By Quent & Judy Boyle

Sunday, May 23    

7:30 AM For the People of the Parish & Corinne Nastasia & Nancy Nastasia
10:00 AM Mildred Berry Birthday Remembrance
By Daughter Millie