Saturday, June 12   4:30 PM
For the People of the Parish and the Doherty/Mayhew/McCaffrey families

Sunday, June 13                                                 

7:30 AM  Herta Sutton                                                        
By Thomas Sutton

10:00 AM Bill Berry                                                            
By his sister Millie

Wednesday, June 16 8:00 AM Martin Wallem
By The Wolowski Family

Thursday, June 17 8:00 AM Angela Duquette
By Gene Duquette

Friday, June 18 8:00 AM Thomas Sheehan
By Susan Whitman

Saturday, June 19 4:30 PM The Evangelization of the Human Race
By Tom Ortowski

Sunday, June 20
7:30 AM Winston Govoni
By Peter & Carol
10:00 AM For the People of the Parish