Saturday, July 10 4:30 PM Mary Jane & Clement Comesana, Sr.
By Ronnie Comesana

Sunday, July 11                                                  
7:30 AM Tina Sutton                                                          
By Ted Sutton
10:00 AM For the People of the Parish and for the Carmelite Sisters of the Concord Monastery

Wednesday, July 14 8:00 AM Wojtek Kurpiewski
By The Wolowski Family

Thursday, July 15 8:00 AM Marty Tarnok
By Ronnie Comesana

Friday, July 16 8:00 AM Marty Tarnok
By Paul & Maria Tarnok

Saturday, July 17 4:30 PM The Evangelization of the Human Race
By Tom Ortowski

Sunday, July 18
7:30 AM For The People of the Parish
10:00 AM Mary Moniz Birthday Remembrance
By Margaret & Doug Sweeney