Saturday, December 18 4:30 PM The People of the Parish

Sunday, December 19

7:30 AM Herta Sutton                                                          
By Thomas Sutton
10:00 AM Mildred Berry                                                     
By Daughter Millie

Wednesday, December 22   8:00 AM Jan & Maria Jedrzejewski
By The Wolowski family

Thursday, December 23   8:00 AM Nancy Nastasia
By Nancy Sweeney

Friday, December 24   Christmas Eve

4:00 PM Eduardo Campita & Cecile Cherry
By Maria Belardo
6:00 PM Nora Shamberger
By Ronnie Comesana

Saturday, December 25   Christmas Day, Holy Day of Obligation

7:30 AM James H. McCann IV
By Brian & Ann Walsh
10:00 AM Peter Eisenhauer, Jr.
Peter & Cecile

Sunday, December 26

7:30 AM Deceased members of the Hajjar and Maki families
By Jane & Ray Maki
10:00 AM The People of the Parish