Saturday, July 2 4:30 PM Alice Burke                                                      
 By:  Quent & Judith Boyle                                      

Sunday, July 3

7:30 AM For the People of the Parish                                 
10:00 AM Mary Moniz
By:  Margaret and Doug Sweeney                     

Wednesday, July 6 8:00 AM Teri Avery
By:  Patti Jo & Casey Ouellette                       

Thursday, July 7 8:00 AM For those who have lost their way in faith
By: Saint Joseph Parish                               

Friday, July 8  8:00 AM Margit Hunsdorfer
By:  Christine Walsh             

Saturday, July 9 4:30 PM Michael Wolowski (Living)  
By:  Mom & Dad  

Sunday, July 10

7:30 AM Mary Gramuglia
By:  Kali & Karen Overton
10:00 AM For the People of the Parish