Saturday, August 20 4:30 PM   Karolina Wolowski (Living)                                   
By:  Mom and Dad                                           

Sunday, August 21

 7:30 AM Mary Govoni                                                     
By:  Peter and Carol Govoni
10:00 AM The People of the Parish                                    

Wednesday, August 24 8:00 AM   Mathias “Marty” Tarnok        

Thursday, August 25 8:00 AM Steven Testa
By: John Burns

Friday, August 26 8:00 AM James A. Lahey

Saturday, August 27 4:30 PM Patty Papio
By:  Susan Whitman

Sunday, August 21

 7:30 AM The People of the Parish
10:00 AM Bill Berry            
By:  His sister, Millie