I hope that your time with family and friends over the Thanksgiving holiday was blessed and enjoyable.  Now, as the seasons of Advent and the Nativity of the Lord approach, we prepare our hearts to emulate God’s sharing with us the gift of His Son.

Sharing resources was the theme of the Parish Outreach Committee’s recent meetings.  This year, again, the Committee, acting on behalf of the parish community, is partnering with the Rotary Club’s Community Chest Program to help meet needs within our community.  In addition to helping provide food and prepared meals during Thanksgiving and Christmas,  “The Giving Tree” will be erected once again in the narthex of the church, adorned with ornaments designating with-list items such as clothing, footwear, toys, books, arts and crafts, and other hoped-for items for children in the Lincoln, Woodstock, and Thornton area.  Please stop by the tree to see how you can help meet the needs of these children and families during this Advent/Christmas Season.  (Shopping-free options are available for those who wish to avoid crowded stores.)  To adopt and provide gifts and dinner for an entire family at Christmas, please contact Stuart Anderson (sanderson@albaarchitects.com), a member of both the Community Chest program and the St. Joseph Parish Outreach Committee, to make arrangements for delivery of gifts, clothing, and Christmas dinner.  

In addition to be a very spiritual and charitable way of celebrating Advent, loving one’s neighbor reflects the love of God in the community.  To that end, the Committee has provided donations to the Knights of Columbus’ “Tootsie Roll Drive” to help individuals with intellectual challenges, Haven Pregnancy Center, Pathways Pregnancy Center, New England Disabled Sports, and Vets Rest Stop.

Amid the hustle and bustle of the Advent and Christmas seasons, praying daily with Scripture is a meaningful way to focus on the holy and miraculous events being celebrated.  Please enjoy a complimentary copy of “Waiting in Joyful Hope 2022-2023,” available at the doors of the church.

With prayerful best wishes,

Fr. John Mahoney