Saturday, December 10 4:30 PM Tina Sutton                                                        
By:  Ted Sutton

Sunday, December 11

7:30 AM Deceased Members of the Hajjar and Maki Families                              
 By:  Ray and Jane Maki
10:00 AM The People of the Parish

Wednesday, December 14 8:00 AM Tina Sutton
By:  Ted Sutton

Thursday, December 15 8:00 AM Ed Peterson
By: Susan Whitman

Friday, December 16 8:00 AM Richard Davis
By:  Bob Regan

Saturday, December 17 4:30 PM The People of the Parish

Sunday, December 18
 7:30 AM Chris Maki (Birthday Remembrance)
By:  Ray and Jane Maki
10:00 AM Mildred Berry
By:  Her daughter, Millie