Saturday, December 31 4:30 PM The Vigil of The Solemnity of Mary,  The Holy Mother of God    Tina Sutton       
By: Ted Sutton

Sunday, January 1The Solemnity of Mary, The Holy Mother of God 

7:30 AM Etienne Poirier                                                     
By: Eugene Heaney
10:00 AM Robert F. Loranger, Sr.
 By: Doug and Margaret Sweeney

Wednesday, January 4 8:00 AM Tina Sutton
By:  Ted Sutton

Thursday, January 5 8:00 AM Sol and Betty Hajjar
By: Ray & Jane Maki

Friday, January 6 8:00 AM Andrea Lahey
By:  Michelle Lahey

Saturday, January 7 The Vigil of The Epiphany of the Lord    
4:30 PM Sandra Borgnis   
By: Susan Whitman

Sunday, January 8 The Epiphany of the Lord 

7:30 AMThe People of the Parish
10:00 AM Marianne Loranger
By: Doug and Margaret Sweeney