The Vigil of The Epiphany of the Lord Saturday, January 7    
4:30 PM   Sandra Borgnis                                                  
By: Susan Whitman

The Epiphany of the Lord Sunday, January 8

7:30 AM The People of the Parish                                        
10:00 AM Marianne Loranger                                         
By: Doug and Margaret Sweeney

Wednesday, January 11 8:00 AM Herb Fini (Living)
By:  Ray & Jane Maki

Thursday, January 12 8:00 AM Patty Papio
By: Kay Labrecque

Friday, January 13 8:00 AM Ed Peterson
By:  Ray & Jane Maki

The Vigil of the 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Saturday, January 14  
 4:30 PM Mary Jane and Clement Comesana, Sr.  
By:  Ronnie Comesana

The 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Sunday, January 15

7:30 AM Huguette Dumont  
By:  Marc Dumont
10:00 AM The People of the Parish