We are very grateful for all the donations given in memory of mothers, living and deceased, on Mother’s Day 2023.  While many were given anonymously, we entrust them all to the maternal care of the Blessed Mother.

DonorIn Memory/Honor of

Doug and Margaret Sweeney: Marianne Loranger, Lillian Sweeney, Mary Moniz, Rose Loranger
Janet Peltier: Helen Cadorette, Claire Ward, Arlene Peltier
Mary Pieroni: Mary Iarocci, Cecilia Pieroni, Geraldine Paolino
Barbara Vitale: Marguerite Young.
Rae Perron: Aime Perron.
Lee and Eileen Latham: Mary Driscoll.
Quinten & Judy Boyle:  Laura Boyle, Mary Boyle, Judith Boyle, Doris Sawyer
Susan Whitman: Blanche Boyle, Mary Boyle,  Elizabeth Whitman.
Patrick & Christine Walsh: Margit, Margot, Maria, Marion, Irene,
Patricia Hamdan:  Mary, Mother of Jesus, Patricia Yagielowicz, Wanda Hamdan
Letitia Stewart: Anna Marie Stewart, Margret Ferrera
Donald Landry:  Helena Haynes,  Edna LaForest
Nancy Bujeaud:  Claire Bujeaud
Elizabeth Poirier:  Doris Barnes, Harriet Barnes.
Charles and Pauline Harrington: Marietta Bossie, Violet Harrington, Eugenie Charland
Paula Strickon:  Margaret Lightfoot , Norma Strickon, Ellen Dombroski,
Nathan & Nina Haynes: Helena Haynes, Mabel Lehouillier

With prayerful best wishes,
Fr. John Mahoney