The Scala Sancta (the “Holy Stairs”) are one of the most treasured stops by religious pilgrims who tour the City of Rome. The 28 white marble steps are believed to be the staircase from Pontius Pilate’s palace that Jesus climbed during his Passion. They were transported from the Holy Land to Rome by Saint Helena in the fourth  century and are considered such a holy relic that pilgrims ascend the steps on their knees while praying.

     Closer to home, you may have noticed that the project of realigning the granite front steps of the church edifice here at St. Joseph’s has been completed, with new railings installed. This needed to be done as a safety measure for all those who climb them to access Holy Mass and prayer.

     While the repair costs totaled $21,200, the parish received a safety grant from the Diocese of Manchester  of $10,600, and private donations from parishioners of over $28,000! Whereas all these contributions are meritorious and appreciated, of particular mention is the $25,000 gift from Millie Berry. When you see Millie, please extend a word of thanks, and do keep all the donors in your prayers. The surplus funds will be used to address other safety repairs needed in the church building.

With prayerful best wishes,

Fr. John Mahoney