He was in Scotland afore ye!  For nearly 1,000 years Saint Andrew, the “first called” of the apostles, has been Scotland’s patron saint, and the Saltire or “Saint Andrew’s Cross,” an X-shaped cross on which Saint Andrew is said to have been martyred, is represented on the nation’s flag.  Traditions abound as to how exactly Scotland’s special connection with Saint Andrew came about.  One claims the saint’s relics were brought from Constantinople to Scotland under divine guidance.  Another says that during a battle with the English the Scottish king saw a cloud shaped like a Saltire and declared that Saint Andrew was watching over his troops. Whatever the case, rest assured that the gathering of the clan for Highland Games is a special celebration for the Scottish, near and far, and for all of us who wish to imitate Saint Andrew by following Jesus in our own lives.

Go mbeannai Dia Duit!

Fr. John Mahoney