We are in our final stretch of the Season of Lent. Please deposit your Rice Bowls in the basket near the Altar. Also, any old blessed palms may go in the container located near the entrance.

Next Sunday is Palm Sunday, followed by Holy Week. Please keep the Liturgical schedule handy. Invite a friend to come with you. This year, during the Easter Vigil, (April 20th @ 8:00pm) we are delighted to welcome into the Catholic Faith, Mr. Warren Bahr. Warren will receive both Confirmation and First Holy Communion. The perception of the Easter Vigil is that it’s a “lengthy Mass”, however, I personally believe, it is the most beautiful and precious of all the liturgies throughout the year; and for what it celebrates, how could it not be?! So trust me, come, and you will not be disappointed!

May we continue to grow in Faith and Love through our Lenten disciplines of: increased prayer, fasting and giving to the poor.

Fr. Kneeland