I encourage you to come downstairs to the church Hall after the 10 a.m. Mass on Sundays, for fellowship, coffee, toasted bagels with cream cheese, and delicious donuts.  Our Knights of Columbus council graciously supplies this for the parish each week. They do have a free will collection basket to take donations to help support this wonderful program.  Many times visitors to the parish come downstairs and supply entertainment and inspiration. Just this past week we had two guests from Virginia Beach. As they shared with us their concern and prayers for home, in light of the recent news of the mass shooting there; they also entertained us by telling fabled stories and a magic trick. 

This weekend I am looking forward to celebrating two baptismal ceremonies here in the parish and, riding along in the bus with the faith formation kids and parents and teachers as well as others they’ve invited to go on their field trip to the La Salette Shrine in Enfield New Hampshire. The kids are able to do this because of your generosity toward their many bake sales after masses through the past academic year. Father Sullivan, at the Shrine, will give us a special tour of the property.  There is also money left over for the kids to have pizza and ice cream. Thank you to Ms. Paula King, the parish Faith Formation  coordinator, Ms. Annie Anderson, assistant coordinator, to the parents, the kids and all who bought and supported the bake sales! We will keep the parish in our prayers at The Shrine.  I’m sure next week’s bulletin there will be photos shared of this event.

May the Lord continue to bless us, here at St. Joseph’s parish here in the White Mountains.

Fr. Kneeland