Happy Father’s Day!

Next Weekend, We will welcome Sister Ellen from the Sisters of the Holy Rosary.  Sister will give us our Annual Missions Appeal.  She will speak during all the Masses about her ministry and this important appeal.

A group of us from the Parish along with the kids in Faith Formation took the Moose Tour Bus on a Field Trip to the Our Lady of La Salette Shrine in Enfield, NH.  We all had a wonderful time!  The weather was gorgeous for the picnic and day outside touring the Shrine.  Fr. John Sullivan gave us a walking tour of the statues depicting Our Lady of La Salette’s appearance in France on September 19, 1846.  She appeared then to two shepherd children and their pet dog, in the French Alps.  “She was seated, Her face buried in Her hands, weeping, She rose, calming the children’s fears with Her maternal voice.  She told them the cause of Her tears:  disobedience to the laws of God and of the Church, blasphemy, failure to keep the Lord’s Day Holy, and lack of prayer.  She wept also at the very grave consequences of these offenses for Her people, but promised blessings to those who would return to God.”

The Shrine in Enfield was built on the site of a Shaker colony on the shores of Lake Mascoma.  Visit if you can! 

May God and Our Lady of La Salette Bless us, and our Parish Family.


Fr. Kneeland