Happy 4th of July!  This Thursday, daily Mass will be held on Independence Day, at 8:30AM instead of 5PM, so that, you may enjoy the many town’s festivities and family barbecues.  I always enjoy the Woodstock-Lincoln’s parade and firework display each 4th!  Bear (my dog) not so much!  Haha 

Summer is upon us, and I hope you can find time to vacation, and relax.  Perhaps peruse our parish library and find a spiritual book to add to your Summer reading list.  The parish library is located in the St. Anne’s room, downstairs inside the church.

As the Sun bakes, remember that hearing the Word of the Lord and receiving the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament at Mass, giving Him thanks & praise;  is year-round.  So please don’t fall into a spiritual drought this Summer!

Our Parish Capital Campaign is going strong!  Please see the paper- mache mountain to see its progress.  In addition, the parish online giving (having your weekly stewardship donation taken from your credit card or checking account automatically) is taking off!  More and more of you are liking this feature.  As we carry less paper money around with us; it makes giving easy.  I set up my Capital Campaign contribution through my credit card.  I like it.  I’ve even embraced and enjoy doing all my banking online now.  An added benefit is saving money on stamps!

May the Good Lord continue to Bless us and our Parish Community here in the Mountains!

Fr. Kneeland