Happy 4th of July Weekend!  (and Happy Birthday Bear!)

It’s a joyful time of the year, when we celebrate our Independence and our great Country!  Please make time during family barbeques and celebrations to pray.  We need to give God “thanks” for the birth of our Nation, the gift of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Also, pray for those who serve our Country in the Armed Forces.  We have a few in our parish who are serving overseas right now.  We should always pray for them, in thanksgiving for defending us, and that they return home safely. 

When I first arrived here at St. Joseph’s Parish back in April 2011, Bear, my dog, was just 9 months old.  Now, on her birthday (July 4th) she turned 9 years old!  Time certainly flies by!  In dog years, she is 63 years old.  That may explain why she is slowing down a bit, except for when someone comes to the door; she still bursts with excitement and enthusiasm!

I am looking for ideas in ways that we can honor the Saint who offered Holy Mass here at St. Joseph’s Church back in August of 1951.  Pope Saint Paul VI (when he was just a Monsignor) was traveling on business when on route from Boston to Quebec, he stopped here in Lincoln, NH.  While here, he offered the daily Mass.  Fast forward to 2018; Pope Francis canonized Pope Paul VI, a Saint.  So, it’s very special for us, that a future Pope, especially a future Saint would say Mass here in our church! I am thinking that a bronze plaque on the wall or a statue in the church would be a great way to honor this special occasion and Saint.  Please stay tuned!

May God continue to bless us and America!

Fr. Kneeland