Hopefully the Elevator is fixed by the time you read this.  If not, it means we haven’t prayed hard enough.  LOL!   As I mentioned, an electrical surge perhaps from a lightning storm, wiped out the “chips” on the motherboard, and/or the whole panel.  It will be fixed soon.  Unfortunately, our warranty on electrical components expired a year ago.  We will look into getting a surge protector for it.  Apparently, elevator manufacturers think those are optional devices.

Thank you to all who prayed for me through the “Gift of Prayer” begun by the Parish Vocations Committee, led by Lisa Gutro.  I read them all and was really touched.  Thank you.

In the pews you will find, a laminated brochure titled: “I gave electronically.”  The cards are there for people to put into the basket indicating they gave either by texting or through their credit/debit card.   If you are interested in giving electronically, you may 1. text your donation amount to the number on the bottom of the card: (603) 931-4611.  This is good, especially for those who don’t carry cash.  Or option 2. You may visit the parish website: stjosephlincoln.org, click the “Online Giving” icon, and set up your debit/credit card or bank account.

That’s how it all works. 

Next Sunday, July 21st, after the 10AM Mass, the Knights are providing a delicious breakfast with live music (Mark Rosier) in the parish hall.  A free-will donation basket will be made available and all proceeds will help the parish Knights Council.  Bring your appetites!

May God continue to bless us and our Parish


Fr. David